BA submitted filing to SEC to establish BA airport leasehold REIT (BAREIT) to invest in its Samui int’l airport, fund size up to Bt14.3b.

BANPU invests US$150m in healthcare fund in U.S. as founding partner.

Comment: Wait what? Someone go take over BANPU, their capital allocation is frustrating..

BBLAM, who manages JASIF, said ADVANC’s plan 19% acquisition has no impact on the fund, dividend policy remained intact, needs ¾ of vote to change, which is not easy as majority of holders are institutional investors.

Comment: ADVANC needs this just to keep up with the combined entity of True & dtac, ADVANC is going to become the #2 player.

CENTEL expects improved RevPar in 2H supporting by longer stay as travelers able to plan on absence of restriction, F&B operation remained profitable, recruiting staffs to ease labor shortage.

Comment: There is a massive rush for labour at the moment.

CHAYO buys NPAs from TTB for Bt637.9m.

Comment: There is going to be a huge amount of distressed assets hitting the market in 2H22. BOOM TIME COMING

NER sees 2Q result on par with 1Q, but big jump in 3Q seen on reopening and recognitions of Bt300m livestock material business.

Comment: Their earnings aren’t going to show the massive jumps we saw for the past 1.5 years, its peaked for this market.

OR signed MOU Thai Postal Office to support & expand swap & go battery for E-bike fleet from 2 Honda models PCX electric & BENLY e (45km/range), pilot projects via 2 postal offices (Lasksi & Chatuchak).

Comment: I do like the e-bikes far more than EV cars. Market makes far more sense, better to drive, you don’t sweat like a beast, battery requirements are more economical.

PRINC in talk International Finance Cooperation (IFC) to joint invest in elderly care center, aims to conclude by end of year.

PTT teams up Cambodia Natural Gas Corp (CNGC) to jointly invest & expand LNG biz in Cambodia.

SINGER’s sale of claims on NPL of ex-employees receivable cases total Bt280.79m to JMT.

Comment: How hilarious is this headline? “Our former employees financed via us for purchases, we fired them, they didn’t pay us back, so now we are going to use a group co to collect the debt”

UBE paid Bt82.41m acquiring Ubol Solar, operator of 2.83MW floating solar, as part of plan to become 100% clean energy.

Comment: Ticks the ESG box, clown policies.

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