AEONTS sees positive momentum on advanced cash withdrawal, mulls tap in digital lending to expand coverage, expects loan growth continue to expand over next 2 years from partnership with HUMAN & BTS.

Comment: And as long as the customers that have withdrawn the cash are just paying interest, then they’ll be able to recognise these are good customers.

RT to sign Bt550m underground wiring projects in 3Q, additional 2 projects total Bt619m in the process of considering bidding results, firms on 20% revenue growth target.

Comment: Perhaps one of those names to add to the infrastructure plays in the country, just on smaller scale.

SIRI reports 7M21 residential sales topped Bt20.6b, account for 70% of Bt31b full year target, YTD transfer at Bt18b, account for 50% of Bt31b FY21 target, busy transfer schedule later this year.

Comment: “Busy transfer schedule” = chasing clients that made down payments to transfer when they have no cash and can’t get bank loans.

SO secured 3 outsourcing contract for SCB, Toyota (TH) & Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) total Bt460m.

Comment: This is going to be a steady grower over the coming years. And the growth will come in spurts when new contracts/companies are onboarded.

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