ADVANC maintained current approach to expand 5G network to increase market share to offset lower purchasing power from Covid, target 5G subscribers >2m by end of year from current 1m, stock trades XD on Monday (Aug 16), Bt3.5.

Comment: Assuming that True takes DTAC, the telco industry is going to rock and roll.

BPP acquires 768mw gas-fired power plants in Texas, Temple 1, for US$430m (Bt14.14b), transaction to complete by eo-4Q.

KEX teams up digital payment partner, SABUY, to launch Kerry Wallet, to capture online merchants & e-commerce vendors, target cod 4Q21.

Comment: SABUY is benefiting more than KEX in this transaction. Although I have always wondered why BTS Group couldn’t do more with their rabbit cards/line linkages. Perhaps KEX can pull it altogether effectively.

SENA maintained launch plan of 14 residential projects in 2H, Bt4.4b out of Bt7.4b backlog to realize this year, firms on Bt11b FY21 sales target, revenue >Bt10b.

Comment: Just like every other property developer, they need the funding….

SSP reaffirms solid 3Q from contribution of 20mw JPN solar (Leo1) cod-ed July 30, 48mw windfarm projects in Vietnam on track to cod 4Q21 lifts total to 200mw, 17mw Leo2 projects to cod next year.

THCOM: admin court ruled to allow THCOM to continued the right to use orbital slots & related filing of THAICOM 7-8 satellites until the case is final or the court orders otherwise. THCOM elaborated that THCOM 7 & 8 satellites are not under concession agreement; but under the license scheme recovered from NBTC, thus the right to use the orbital slots is not the right under the concession expiring September 10, 21.

Comment: GULF knows how to use their political might well.

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