AEONTS, VGI, and HUMAN in JV to set up Rabbit Cash, Bt800m registered cap, to expand digital lending platform, including nano finance, by capping interest rate at 15% max.

Comment: Love this move by VGI, that damn rabbit card is immensely valuable and now they’ve figured out the partners to use utilise their distribution network.

DEMCO sees solid revenue growth yoy, on Bt3,465m backlog, of which Bt2b to be booked this year, confident of securing Bt1.9b worth of contracts.

Comment: And what about WEH? That’s the main upside in this stupid little company.

GCAP in JV with Nim Se Seng group setting up Nim Se Seng Capital to operate leasing for transport sector.

ICHI sets Bt6.2b revenue target this year, +21% yoy, on growth in Thai and Indonesia markets, have started OEM by producing vitamin drinks for large brand with plans to launch new product lines in April and hemp-related drinks by end of year.

Comment: That sweeeeeeeeeeeet weed is coming to ICHI. But if Indo does continue its picking up for the co after so many years of languishing things will look brighter for ICHI.

PRAPAT expects big jump 2Q from recovery demand for detergent, pool treatment chemical, building care & sanitation products on reopening of hotels

RT reaffirms 27% revenue growth target to Bt3.6b this year, supported by Bt4.24b backlog, to be realized this year and next, eyes more projects to boost backlog to Bt7b, including Denchai-Chiangrai road projects and underground wiring in BKK.

SAK launches auto insurance brokerage business, to capitalize on existing hire-purchase clients and car title loans borrowers.

Comment: Watch all the players do the same thing in the industry.

SCC debuts SCG PP Melt-blown plastic to fill demand for melt blown fabric for face mask filter, PPE & med equipment.

TQM launches micro finance business, target 100k auto insurance clients on hands.

Comment: Just capital flowing around all aspects of the market at the moment. Though TQM’s core is as a borker, taking commissions with no b/s risk.

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