7UP sees rising water sales in Phuket, after Provincial Waterworks Authority cancelled 7 contracts with 7 private firms with 18K m3/day contracts, while water treatment contract with CPF sees solid growth, firm on 50% revenue growth this year.

BJC launches BIGC vending machines, target factory workers, industrial estates, hospitals.

CHAYO target FY21 revenue growth >25% yoy, will wrap up big-lot NPA sales by end of 1H, sets Bt1b budget to add NPLs, expects to launch 5-8 hemps-derived supplements under collaboration with DOD in 2H, will distribute thru 555 Shopping (on/offline) later this year.

Comment: CHAYO is doing the reverse of RS.

GULF starts 662.5mw IPP GSRC phase 1 in Sri Racha, expects Bt9b contribution this year, phase 2 to cod in October, eyes 50% revenue growth target.

Comment: If you want to understand how modern day corruption works in Thailand today, just look at GULF and the shareholders that have been in/out since it listed. But yes, they bid the lowest price, win the projects and then Thai consumer will foot the bill.

OSP informed that yesterday 762.7m big-lot or 25.39% of paid up involving its major shareholders, Orizon, Petch and Niti, have no material impact on directors, management and policy structures.

Comment: Wouldn’t be surprised to see Petch build another massive art gallery.

SA maintained Bt4.8b full year revenue target, Bt2b out of Bt7.2b to realize this year, target 4 new projects total Bt11.35b (2 DHs, 2 condos), expects higher recurring income this year from improved commercial rents & hotel operation, mulls adding NPAs to refurbish and resales to boost growth.

Comment: The founder is an engineer, so he builds good quality for the price, the issue is whether he can sell as well as the rubbish products that SIRI does.

SAPPE’s firm on 15-20% revenue growth target, on new products launched with partners and hemp related products, sets Bt350m capex for automated warehouse.

SAT secured 2 contracts of pick-up truck parts orders, will start delivery 2Q22, sets Bt400m capex to revamp plant, expects meaningful turnaround this year

SCGP invests Bt510m to expand capacity of performance polymer food packaging by 347m pieces or (15-20%), new automated warehouse is expected to complete at end of FY21.

SUN to cod new ready-meal production plant in May, expects strong sales & wider margins this year, eyes 10-15% revenue growth target.

Comment: And where’s that sweet weed?

TWPC sets double digit revenue growth target this year, from low base, to start new bioplastic production in November, cuts capex to Bt300-350m.

Comment: Bioplastics add nothing to the revenue/bottom for the next 3-5 years. Key is the margin and volume growth for this player, and yes double digit growth is expected given how rubbish 2020 was for them.

SET is investigating unusual trading of ZMICO securities after issuing its highest-level trading control warning in mid-March that failed to stabilize the share price volatility.

Comment: I think the SET just remove all these ridiculous limitations on the stocks, cash balance, margin balance etc etc, let the markets be free and go wild. As for ZMICO…well they are touting blockchain, digital wallets/payments, crypto etc etc. Let’s see if anything actually happens (I have my doubts but I’m often wrong…)

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