AGE upbeats outlook from improved revenue mixed after diversify from coal trading business to logistic and agricultural trade, mulls expand coal sales in VN & Cambodia to meet demand, branch out from coal logistic to other goods such as cement, biomass fuel & agricultural products to utilize existing resources, provide new source of revenue.

Comment: Vietnam needs coal, it’s a major source of electricity generation, and they’re going ahead to extend existing coal plant life as their renewable push flopped.

AURA sees gold jewelry sales accelerated as demand for wealth preservation grows, firms on 10% FY sales growth target.

BPP sees record high revenue this year, after Bt24b record in FY22, eyes >1,000MW in M&A, firms on 5,300MW target overall by 2025.

CP Group mulls IPO of its seed and animal feed business under CPF and Chia Tai, as soon as next year, raising ~$600m – $1b.

Comment: And this will be shoved down the throats of mutual funds and index followers allowing CP group to deleverage.

EKH sets 10% hospital related revenue growth, boosted by growth in Chinese patients in EKH-IVF, target 300 cases this year.

Comment: The closest to an IVF play in TH (20% of rev)

NRF to expand retail business channel via Bamboo Mart in the UK, hoping to become omni-channel.

Comment: Send his stock to zero, he’s not doing anything positive for minority shareholders, there’s zero focus.

THG sets Bt5b 3-year capex for 6 projects, adding 200 beds, firms on 10% revenue growth target this year, eyes 2-3 M&A deals at home and abroad this year.

SPALI target FY record high revenue at Bt36b driven by newly launched 37 residential projects total Bt41b, Bt14.7b out of Bt19b outstanding backlog to realize this year, sets Bt8b budget to add landbank.

Comment: Total Project launches in 2023 are going to surpass 2019 levels for the industry, it’s incredible

ZEN sets 30% revenue growth target to Bt4.5b, Bt450m capex to open 90 more branches at home and abroad.

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