AH targets 10-15% FY23 revenue growth, margin within 10-12% range driven by parts sales on both domestic & overseas, new orders from EV manufacturing relocations, sets Bt1b capex for plant upgrade & maintenance.

BTS is confident Yellow and Pink lines will start commercial operation this year, adding Bt2b revenue.

Comment: The political mudslinging here has been amusing to watch.

IFA recommends BCP’s shareholder to approve plan to takeover ESSO at Bt8.84 as proposed.

KBANK acquires 75% stake in IT solutions provider, Marco Technology, to enhance IT management, content management, chatbot, process automation, functional testing & system validation of entire banking group.

Comment: Is this a sign that they will not utilise the services of the listed players in Thailand?

MFEC will bk Bt500-600m extra gains from disposal of corporate digital transformation unit, Vulcan Digital Delivery (VDD), to BBIK in 1Q23, will use proceed to expand cyber security business, firms on 15% revenue growth target.

Comment: MFEC never really was a real player in the IT industry here, their revenue has always been driven by hardware sales. Not a real software co.

PLANB sees meaningful turnaround FY23 from higher OOH media utilization rate yoy on surged international arrivals, improved domestic consumptions, target FY GPM within 25-30% range, Bt7.5b FY revenue target.

Comment: It’s already pricing in 2025 figures at these prices.

PTT forms venture with WHAUP, Sertis and Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) to establish Renex Technology to expand Peer-to-Peer Energy trading platform.

Comment: This is an actually fascinating development.

SMD sees revenue from med-related equipment sales dropping to Bt1.2b, on lesser demand for ATK, turns focus to med-equipment leasing to boost recurring revenue.

TVDH sees turnaround this year, after making lesser losses and expected to turn profitable in 1Q or 2Q23, sets Bt1b capex to expand energy education and health & wellness.

Comment: This company is such a basketcase, too many moving parts.

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