AGE sets Bt8b revenue target this year, 3.6m tons of coal sales, aggressive in logistic business expansion.

BBL launched QR code worldwide digital payment services via mobile app, BBL BeWallet.

Comment: Now that’s something!

CI to bk Bt210m from disposal of 15.74% (15.74m shares) of BKKCP to 4 private investors in 1Q20; will hold 17.55% post transactions.

Comment: You’re seeing more money going via the private route as opposed to the public route these days.

PTTGC and IRPC both said no impact from China’s plan to ban single-use plastic in 5 years, as PTTGC already has plan to stop single-use plastic in 3 year and IRPC only exports plastic to be used in electronic appliances.

Comment: The question is still what would replace this loss in demand?

SCB sees better earnings this year, on higher fees from insurance selling fees and lending growth, sets 3-5% growth.

TACC said its Milky Berry drink, launched in 7-11 mid January, was a success, launches Valentine in Love Series with fruity theme, Strawberry-Lychee at 7-11.

Comment: I had some fun tweeting with 7-11 last night, yes they still provide plastic bags…

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