1. World Bank rings alarm on GDP view : Years of subpar growth in store if Thai status quo prevails, lender says. The World Bank has warned that Thailand’s average annual economic growth will be stuck below 3% if there is no significant increase in investment and productivity growth. Bangkok Post
  2. Looming giant catches a cold : Overreliance on the China market poses a host of risks. From selfieobsessed tourists to massive bilateral trade and property investment, China’s presence in Thailand cannot be overlooked.The interconnectedness between the economies of Thailand and China rose more than 10 times between 1985 and 2013, with bilateral trade, investment and tourism identified as the main beneficiaries from higher interconnectedness, according to the Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI). Bangkok Post 
  3. Chinese New Year sparks full alert for coronavirus : The Ministry of Public Health has implemented the highest level of precautionary measures at airports and hospitals across the country to minimise the possibility of a disease outbreak in response to the surge in Chinese tourists expected to arrive to celebrate Chinese New Year. Bangkok Post
  4. CRC eyes record-high IPO : Central Group’s retail arm deal aims to raise over B70bn. Central Retail Corporation Plc (CRC), Thailand’s largest retailer and the retail arm of Central Group, has set its initial public offering (IPO) price range at 40 to 43 baht per share, which will possibly become the country’s biggest-ever fund-raising deal worth up to 72.7 billion baht. Bangkok Post
  5. Ministry extends income tax filing deadline to June : The Finance Ministry is poised to extend the deadline to file personal income tax returns for another three months through June to give taxpayers who are liable for additional tax bills more time to comply. Bangkok Post
  6. BoT relaxes LTV rule for mortgages : Central bank tweaks debt-servicing period. The Bank of Thailand is easing loanto-value (LTV) regulations governing mortgage lending, shortening the minimum debt-servicing period for first mortgages for those seeking a second for homes priced below 10 million baht. Bangkok Post
  7. KBank: Baht to rise throughout 2020 : Economic imbalance spurs relentless climb. The baht’s strength is expected to continue throughout this year, buoyed by Thailand’s increased surpluses in current account and trade balance coupled with flat growth in imports, says Kasikornbank (KBank). Bangkok Post
  8. State braced for budget bill delay : Fiscal 2020 plan faces final hurdle. The government is preparing a Plan B to brace for the possibility of a further delay in the 3.2-trillion-baht budget bill for fiscal 2020 after some members of parliament indicated they would vote in favour of the bill without being present in the chamber. Bangkok Post
  9. Exports see 2.7% annual dip : Exports last year fell by 2.7% from 2018, weighed down by global economic malaise, low oil and farm prices and weak industrial product shipments. Bangkok Post
  10. UTCC says budget delay will hit growth : The University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTCC) has flagged concerns that the economy could expand by less than 2.5% this year if the annual budget bill for fiscal 2020 hits further snags after some MPs were reported to have voted in favour of the bill without being present in the House. Bangkok Post
  1. peter satrapa-binder

    regarding 1.) : I have the overall feeling that this will really be the year and years to come in which thailand will be presented the bill for never/seldom planning anything for the future and implementing these plans: economic problems (stemming not only from external factors but also from a longstanding lack in education matters which had never been addressed, resulting in no good productivity/competitiveness), no planning for water management (resulting in floods some years, in other droughts – and in some years floods in some places and only weeks thereafter droughts in others), no taking care of the environment, no planning and good regulations regarding tourism issues, etc…

    sure there are now also external factors which thailand did not have any control over (coronavirus outbreak, trade wars usa vs. china and others) but the impact of those surely could at least have been minimized with some good planning…

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