AGE: credit rating upgrade to BBB- from BB+, outlook stable at TRIS rating.

Comment: Wait didn’t stark have a credit rating of BBB+? Love you TRIS

EA keeps 50% revenue growth target this year to Bt40b, firms on delivery plan of 4K EVs this year, in talks with ASEAN over EV bus exports, and boost ENTEC-UNEP to boost clean energy.

Comment: I hope this company crashes & burns. They haven’t delivered on any of their targets in this space.

CHG to cod 100 IPD beds, Chularat Maesot International hospital, tomorrow (Jun 9).

GULF’s board approved subsidiary, GULF HK, to divest entire preferred shares holding in Binance US to Gulf International Investment ltd (GIIL) an investment arm of GULF’s CEO, Sarath Ratanavadi, for US$20m.

Comment: Cronies don’t like working with well-known crooks and illegal money-launderers? What a surprise!

HARN sets Bt1,336m revenue target this year, +10% yoy, target Bt1,500m next year, mulls bidding Bt400m in new contract, Bt474m backlog, with 2H growth over 1H.

KTC launches big-bike title loans, targeting 5 brands.

Comment: Small impact on the overall portfolio.

NWR expects flat full year net profit yoy, scales back full year new construction bidding by half to Bt7b from delay of forming new government, recognition of 35% from Bt32b backlog this year and wider margin from lower costs to provide cushion.

TASCO in talk to sourcing crude from Columbia for asphalt production, will finalize deal this year.

TEKA sees strong 2Q on higher contracts, firms on Bt2.2b revenue growth target, +13% yoy, supported by Bt3.1b backlog.

Comment: Immediate POS list. Go and understand the background of the mainshareholder.

XO revised revenue growth forecast to 20% from 10% earlier, on strong orders, new markets, US, CAD, MEX, boosting orders to >150 containers, sees record high revenue in 2Q to Bt500m, and >Bt2b next year.

Comment: That improvement in growth guidance has led to the share price going from 14 to 20….in the space of 2 weeks…

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