AOT reaffirms solid start 1Q24 (Oct-Dec23) driven by full flight slots for IATA winter schedule starting from last week of Oct till last Sat of Mar.

AP reports Bt18.8b 5M23 presales, account for 30% of Bt58b target this year, plans 38 projects in 2H worth Bt51.8b, firms on Bt57.5b transfers this year and Bt37.5b backlog.

CHAYO sees financial institution selling TOR for NPL auctions combined Bt50b in 2H, target to secure at least Bt10b-16b of bad debts by end of year.

Comment: The owner appears to be more focused punting stocks with friends versus running his business.

FN sets Bt15m capex to renovate 3 branches, mulls new products in FN Sleep in 3Q, a flagship to turnaround path.

Comment: That’s not much of an investment…but still one of the biggest potential retail turnaround plays, if it works out.

MAKRO: Lotus’s superstore to add 20 branches of Pet Us stores from current 2 outlets, to utilize existing branches, sales growth from pet lovers.

Comment: And they are coming for you. It is ridiculous how many ladies/couples I see buying a stroller for their pet dogs….

MC sees >20% revenue growth on new branches and higher online sales, account for 60%, especially via TikTok.

Comment: MC and WARRIX are the 2 domestic brands to follow to understand real consumer purchasing power.

SBNEXT to invest Bt266m in 70m shares of Sun Vending (SVT) UP TO Bt3.8/share, establish new co., Vending Connex Tech (VDC) to support vending machine business.

SC plans 5 projects worth Bt12.3b in June, sees solid demand for horizontal projects.

SISB sets 5-year revenue target at Bt2.5b, 5K students, from 4K end of 23, a 8-10% rise from 3.7K earlier projection.

Comment: Great business, but on a personal level it’s sad that education has become a business. As opposed to being genuine education. Anyways, I’ve often thought that the Singaporean education brand is going to overtake the British education brand throughout most of SE Asia, especially in volume terms.

TPIPL sees 3-5% full year cement sales volume growth to 12m tons from 11.6m tons FY22, margins to recover on eased pressure from energy costs (coal Bt2.8k/ton from Bt4k/ton & electricity -Bt0.6/kwh).

Comment: Did you know that they are beating all their peers in terms of metrics and margins? Criminally underrated organisation.

TPIPP will continue to allocate its 5-year capex of Bt14b to replace its coal usage with renewable energy and boost its power gen capacity.

Comment: *Shake head*

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