AGE’s 2Q18 performance is likely to improve thanks to a favorable coal price at above US$119/ton . The company is preparing to ship 800k tons of coal in 2Q18 -3Q18 and maintains its revenue growth target of 20-25%. (Kao Hoon, 18/6/18)
GFPT plans to inject Bt4-5bn to expand capacity to support long term growth. It is keeping its 2018 revenue growth target at 5-8% from Bt17.5bn in 2017, driven by expansion of its client base. China is one of the markets it will focus on. (Thun Hoon, 18/6/18)
Comment: Same cycle for this chicken company. Wait for the moment to buy when chicken prices are in their down cycle and then exit when it returns to the up cycle
Managements of GPSC and GLOW say the M&A has not been concluded yet. There was an opinion by an analyst that GPSC might need to raise capital for this huge deal with value of up to Bt100bn. (Thun Hoon, 18/6/18)
Comment: Boom! But the rumours have come true with the company confirming (as of writing) that they are going ahead with the acquisition 
IVL is partnering with Dhunseri to buy EIPET, PET production plants, in Egypt with capacity of 540k tons/year to support long term growth. (Kao Hoon, 18/6/18)
Comment: And they are still buying! One day this company will have to be taken apart piece by piece, but perhaps out during our generation
KSL has entered high season, spending Bt200-250mn to renovate machines with the revenue growth target of 15-20 %in 2018 .It plans to list subsidiary BBGI. (Thun Hoon, 18/6/18)
MONO says it is not negatively impacted by the World Cup. Its MONOMAXXX online movie service still generates satisfactory revenue and profit .2H18 should improve from 1H18 .It will raise its ad rate to Bt40,000/minute .It targets revenue growth of 20% this year. (Thun Hoon, 18/6/18)
Comment: But the fact remains that the industry is struggling and despite the cuts by the ridiculous organisation that is the NBTC, things are not going to improve anytime soon.
NFC returned to trade after 15 years with a share price of Bt17.7. The company targets to be the leader in logistics business in five years, backed by the planned development of more warehouses in Maptaphut, which it plans to conclude in 4Q18. (Thun Hoon, 18/6/18)
Comment: Ahhhhh, another EEC investment theme
PLANB has strong business fundamentals as a leader in digital media service with around 30% market share. Revenue and earnings are expected to grow steadily this year. (Thun Hoon, 18/6/18)
PRM’s 2Q18 earnings are likely to grow after fleet adjustment and cost management. 2018 revenue is targeted to reach Bt5bn, supported by the fleet expansion to 40 units. (Kao Hoon, 18/6/18)
PTT will list PTTOR on the SET, with the first trading day expected to be in 2019 .It will start to transfer assets to PTTOR in 3Q18 .PTT recently partnered with KBANK to develop “PTT e-Wallet “for payments in gas stations and retail shops) .Kao Hoon, 18/6/18(
Comment: They will have to ramp up the story for the IPO next year. 
PTTEP has good news: the Mozambique Rovuma Offshore Area 1 project has signed agreement with Tokyo Gas and Centrica LNG for the long-term supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG) for 2.6mn tons per annum.  (Thun Hoon, 18/6/18)
SCC will invest Bt15.5bn to expand capacity of “Map Ta Phut Olenfins” by 350k tons per annum to 2.05mn tons per annum with completion expected in 2Q21. (Kao Hoon, 18/6/18)
Comment: The continued weakness in SCC’s share price is confounding me a fair bit given the improvement in cement prices combined with the decline in oil prices should be positive for its petrochem margins.
SELIC management is confident that 2018 revenue will grow by no less than 10% with QoQ improvement in performance in 2Q18. It is currently studying an M&A deal and hopes to conclude the deal this year. It will introduce 2-3 new products soon. (Kao Hoon, 18/6/18)
SKN will expand capacity to 500k cubic meters per annum from currently 240k with the expected completion in 3Q18. Management is confident of revenue growth this year and plans to expand into new overseas markets, raising its high-margin business. (Thun Hoon, 18/6/18)
VCOM has lots of orders on hand. Revenue growth is maintained at 20-25% to a new high this year, supported by the overseas market. (Kao Hoon, 18/6/18)

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