ANAN announced that it transferred Asthon Asoke to on June 15, 2018 after Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) issued a building permit to ANAN. However, Srisuwan said that the condo buyers will take a risk as there is a lawsuit against BMA and MRT at the Administrative Court on which no judgement has been made. (Kao Hoon, 19/6/18)
Comment: oh happy days!
BGRIM signed a JV agreement with a Vietnamese partner to develop the largest solar farm in ASEAN with total capacity of 420MW. The project will commence operations in 2019. (Kao Hoon, 19/6/18)
Comment: An organisation that is flexible with whom to work with, known for their professionalism, perhaps one of the better managed companies within the sector. 
PTT’s board of directors approved GPSC’s plan to acquire 69.11% interest or 1,010.98mn shares in GLOW. GPSC is also ready to conduct a tender offer for the remaining shares from minority shareholders. GPSC is negotiating with GLOW’s major shareholder for the deal. (Kao Hoon, 19/6/18)
OCEAN’s 1H18 sales revenue improved strongly with 10-15% YoY growth, according to management. It will accelerate sales via modern trade channels with a target of 50-60% proportion from this channel. The company also plans to diversify to produce biodiesel, which could be concluded in August. (Thun Hoon, 19/6/18)
ORI says revenue will grow HoH in 2H18 backed by transfer of four condos worth Bt15.1bn. Presales are now 50% of its full year target of Bt20bn. It has backlog of Bt29.3bn, of which Bt10.3bn will be transferred this year. It maintains revenue target at Bt15bn. It will launch seven more housing projects worth Bt24bn this year. (Thun Hoon, 19/6/18)
PTT’s board of directors approved a plan to reduce its 2018 investment budget by Bt25bn as it plans less investment into the oil and transmission pipeline businesses in response to the changing business environment. (Krungthep Turakij, 19/6/18)
RS plans to gain TV market share in 2H18 by launching new content, including series from India and Bollywood movies on its Channel 8. It plans to raise ad rate to Bt95,000/min, which will lift earnings to a new high. (Kao Hoon, 19/6/18)
SKE is seeing higher NGV demand after oil price has gone up and it expects NGV sales volume to hit 620 tons/year or 15% revenue growth. It plans to expand its power plant business with CAPEX of Bt80mn. (Krungthep Turakij, 0/1/18)
SKY says operations will be better in 2H18 as it plans to bid for several projects with a value of over Bt1.0bn. The company expects revenue to jump with a wider margin. (Thun Hoon, 0/1/18)
TPBI has developed a new product, reusable bags, that will improve margin and, at the same time, reduce waste. (Kao Hoon, 19/6/18)
TSR plans to increase telemarketers to 300 (from 170 currently) by the end of this year. It expects  better operations in 2H18 and plans to explore the Laos market this year. (Thun Hoon, 19/6/18)
Comment: Bottom line is going to look impressive as a growth % due to the low base last year, massive question remains whether management knows how to grow their topline again
TTCL has signed contact to build a petrochemical plant at Rayong with a value of Bt4.8bn that will complete in 1Q21. (Kao Hoon, 19/6/18)
Comment: There is something to be said about negative momentum for a business, TTCL may be a recent prime example of this.

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