AH sees 40% drop in revenue this year, with net loss expected in 2Q, aims to cut costs by 50%.

Comment: Well…looks like their expansion plans are all on hold

BCH sees solid growth in 2Q20 from COVID related revenue and from 5% growth in social security patients to 900K, keeps plan to build 3 new hospitals.

Comment: It looks like CHG and BCH are the only two hospitals that may show growth this year. 

COM7 reports 100% reopening of all 785 branches, maintain FY20 opening target 100 branches, will ramp up promotion to capture pc & mobile demand for e-learning, remote conference and WFH.

Comment: Boom IPHONE SE 2 ! 

CPN extends operating hear at malls by 1 hour till 9pm from 8pm prior, maintaining social distancing measure to avoid congestion.

JKN to book Bt252m backlog in 2Q, upbeats 2H outlook from TV contents sales to overseas clients, Bt800-1b to add inventories.

MBK cuts rent by 30-70% to support tenants impacted from COVID19.

Comment: A good landlord, most have been rather fair except for TPRIME (Exchange and Mercury Tower) whom haven’t given any relief to their tenants (we know, we are based in one of them and tenants have banded together and taken this public)

SUPER to COD 550MW solar farm in Vietnam in December and another 421MW wind farm there in October 2021, boosting next year earnings to Bt10b from Bt7b expected this year.

Comment: Woahhh, they are up 4x from their low and up YTD. Remember the CEO bought a YUGE amount of shares in the 0.30s

SPF’s sub-leasee, Bangkok Airways, requests postponement of rental and service fee payment of operation period in May from significantly impact from COVID19; no effect on fixed rental under agreement.

Comment: Likely to be granted. 

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