ACG branches out from car dealership business to vehicle maintenance and parts sales services, FASTFIT, to expand client bases and mitigate risk from weak auto market.

Comment: I find this to be a difficult business to do well in, they are up against incumbents such as BQUIK and ACT, and these are rather deep customer relationships. 

ADVANC signs distribution partner, 6.11 Corner, to expand SIM card sales via 219 vending machines network, to accommodate social distancing guideline, sees benefits from costs saving and 24/7 operating hours.

BAM teams up with Shoppee to roll out NPA online sales, will roll out e-gift card, discount voucher, on-top discount coupon code this Saturday 6.6 campaign.

Comment: Buying land online?

BEM sees profit dropping to Bt2b this year from Bt3b last year, on 15% drop in revenue from COVID, especially in 2Q, mulls issuing Bt3b bond this month.

Comment: However, you’ll probably see their #’s recover relatively quickly

DOHOME reports all branches, 10 DOHOME & 6 DOHOME to go stores, to fully open, target positive SSSG 2H, seeks to expand CLMV.

FMT’s major holder, Furukawa Electric, sold entire holding 42.25% to CTJ holding 2 for Bt214.76m, no management change, no delisting, no business structure change, SEC filing.

Comment: Well there should be a complete change…

RJH sees solid 2Q on COVID windfall, recovery in patient numbers entering high season, keeps 10% revenue growth target this year.

Comment: I wouldn’t be surprised to see CHG, BCH and RJH be the best performing hospitals (in terms of financial performance) this year, given how skewed BDMS and BH are to foreign patients

SHR sees sharp fall in earnings this year from COVID, refocusing on managing cashflow and costs, will launch campaign to promote domestic travels.

Bualuang AM raised hlding in SPA by 0.1898% to 10.1076% of total outstanding on Thursday (May 28), SEC filing.

Comment: BBLAM is a major shareholder in several small to mid names. I wonder how they’ll manage liquidity…

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