AI & AIE: both merged PAR from Bt0.25 to Bt1 effective today.

BAFS: THAI cuts holding by 2.3529% to 4.019% of total outstanding on Thursday (Oct 7).

Comment: Amusing Thailand. This is one of Thai’s best assets pre-covid, and will again be post-covid.

COM7 maintained 15-20% FY21 revenue growth target, sees advance booking on iPhone 13 surpasses last year booking on iPhone 12, mulls adding more standalone shop & pop-up store to diversify risks, aims to boost contribution from online sales >10% of revenue mix next year, in deal with ILM to manage electronics and IT section at ILM branches.

IRPC: R&D polymer parts for EV, aims to increase specialty products in portfolio to expand segment coverage & boost margins.

KEX sees solid growth momentum in 2H on seasonal, double digit growth in parcel delivery volume, boosted by online shopping, to announce new deal with partner this week.

Comment: And the partner is Betagro

KTB teams up gold vendor, Mae Thong Suk (MTS), offering gold trading via Krungthai Gold Wallet on Pao Tung mobile app, tradable October 25.

Comment: I do like the fact that KTB took an app that the government

MICRO reaffirms solid turnaround 4Q from recovery demand for HP on commercial vehicles, will add 1-2 branches in 4Q, establish insurance broker subsidiary to utilize existing clients, maintained Bt2.5b FY21 new loan target +30% yoy, lifts loan book to Bt4b by end of year.

MONO in talk overseas partners to buy movies & series from abroad, aims to get lucrative rate from wholesales purchase, expects meaningful turnaround next year.

Comment: This company has been talking about a turnaround for years, and has succeeded from time to time before going back into the red….the digital TV scheme has been a total flop in Thailand, and that’s what happens when an industry massively increases supply with demand constant and then you throw in the american digital players like netflix, youtube and now disney, then the locals with AIS Play all offer better content.

PDI: name change to Bound and Beyond pcl, ticker remained unchanged.

Comment: Bound to poor management/dodgy shareholders and their ability to mess around with the business is beyond your capability.

SHR anticipates 4Q turnaround from recovery OCC at 28 hotels, 3,042 rooms aggregate Mercure & Holiday Inn hotels in UK aft 47 countries including TH lifted from Covid red list from today, October 11.

Comment: This replaced ERW as a favourite “small” hotel player last year, didn’t need to recap, doesn’t rely on Thailand for tourism.

TRUBB to begin hemp harvest on 1st plot 4 acres land on December.

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