Energy Policy Administration Committee (EPAC) cuts biodiesel blend to only 7% (B7), postponed sales of B10 & B20 from December till March 22 to curbs retail price. The reference px of methyl ester stands at 46.88/liter while ex-refinery price of biodiesel B7 is Bt 20.3/liter, more methyl ester in biodiesel means a higher oil price at time global oil price surge, negative AIE, GGC, PTG.

Comment: These moves are the ones that have us afraid of going too heavily into commodity equities. Even though the commodity prices themselves may go to the moon, governments may tax/force discounts on the listed co’s inorder to “help” the population.

GULF: plans to increase power gen from renewable sources to at least 30% of total capacity by eo-FY30, mulls invest in 5 hydro-power projects in Laos, expected to conclude deal early FY22.

Comment: Plus the stake in INTUCH which is now going to become incredibly valuable due to DTAC/TRUE merging. Unless the NBTC decides to do what’s right for consumers and allow proper MNVO’s to operate in Thailand…

SFT: firms on 20% FY21 revenue growth target, sees strong packaging films & sleeve labels orders thru CNY next year, new production plant cod 2H22.

TQM: teams up with tech partner (ADVANC) and insurance partners to roll out Pay-Per-Mile auto insurance package, expects sales jump from flexible pay option for drivers.

Comment: Does this really add that much more value?

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