AOT: extends remedy package for concessionaires & airlines operating at 6 international airports for one more year till end of March 23.

Comment: I both fully understand and fully don’t understand AOT’s price today. The bull – no competition + eventual recover, the bear – there are no tourists and they may only get to ~30% of p-c19 by the end of 2022.

BPP: to cod 20mw Kessenuma JPN solar projects on December.

CPALL: anticipates meaningful turnaround 4Q from resumption of 24 operating hours at 7-11, improved SSSG & larger number of stores reopen post lockdown, tailwind from deliver service, will use proceed from MAKRO deal for re-payment to ease interest expense burden, expand branches in Cambodia & Laos, revamp online shelf, expand delivery service.

Comment: Understand what’s going on? They’re using the public money to refinance the Tesco purchase, they’ll own it all and shareholders are happy to pay for it, the carterlisation of Thailand (and frankly every other country/industry) continues.

CV: 8.5mw solar rooftop & 24mw from 3 community power plants on track to cod FY22, lift total above 66mw from current 33.56, 120mw JPN power projects from 3 locations under jv partners expected to cod within FY24/25, new business from RDF fuel for waste power plants to start next year.

HTC: invest Bt 1.2b to establish production plant and new PET filling line in Surat Thani to expand production capacity and distribution network of Coca-Cola in southern provinces.

Comment: Despite everything they’ve been growing consistently over the past 3-4 years.

ICN: wins fiber optic maintenance contract from Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) total Bt 54.75m.

TTB: board approved acquisition in 10% of Thanachart Insurance (TNI) & 10% of Thanachart Securities (TNS) from Scotia Netherlands Holding (BNS) for Bt 1.605b, transaction is expected to complete in December.

Comment: Like the Insurance purchase, I supposed that the securities had to come as a bundle.

  1. quote ‘the carterlisation of Thailand (and frankly every other country/industry) continues.’ that’s a deliberate typo, The correct spelling is cartel. Right, Pon?

    • Central/cp/charoen – retail, CP – agri, Charoen/singha – alcohol, gulf & ptt – energy, all banks stronger, telcos (gulf/cp). everything works together. Arguably the most independent cartel has been the Central Group.

      Whilst we can make $ on their stocks, if new independent groups don’t thrive this country will economically look like the Philippines (wonderful people, $hit economic setup controlled by 10 groups).

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