AJ: local fund, BBLAM, bought big-lot 20m shares from management, sees growth potential from packaging business & upside from JV packaging unit with SCC in Vietnam.

Comment: And that explains the big sale. BBLAM typically has done quite well with these type of positions.

GULF to tender for INTUCH at Bt65 (last done Bt58.5) after having acquired 18.93% stake, will also tender for ADVANC at Bt122.86 (last done Bt168) under the Chain Principle if it manages to get up to 50% of INTUCH.

Comment: Listening to the boss/chairman/”modern-day gangster” (hat-tip to MA) speak now about this. Every banker is licking their lips. Why? That’s a lot of cash generation at INTUCH that can be utilised for deals.

HMPRO maintained 3-5% full year sales growth target, sees yesterday positive SSSG yoy, higher sales thru e-commerce, better costs ctrl to curb SG&A, eyes 10% revenue growth target.

RJH reaffirms 10% revenue growth target from Covid test, higher patients traffic yoy, expects 2H earnings jump from vaccines distribution.

SIMAT, ALT, AIT & LOXLEY are expected to see windfall from surged demand for network installation to accommodate WFH scheme, Tabloid.

Comment: AND loxley has that sweet weed!

STARK’ s firm on 20-25% revenue growth this year, confident of gaining entry into SET50 and MSCI after boosting free float by selling share to both local and foreign funds.

Comment: The monopoly is going to do well.

TIDLOR, a unit of BAY, sets Bt34.00-Bt36.50 IPO price range, sub period between April 22-26 and expected trading debut on May 10.

Comment: OR was the IPO for the white collar masses to make a profit, will TIDLOR be the same?

    • Sorry, nope, team did a lot of work on this. But you could spend a day and quickly figure out the upstream/midstream/downstream players and guesstimate who the winners could be.

    • Though do realise it’s not a real offering price for ADVANC, they want INTUCH. That offer for ADVANC is just a requirement on paper.

      • Obligated by thai securities law to tender for the sub. Sarath is smart, going after the parent that has a natural 20% discount to the holding value.

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