AKR JV partner to invest 20mw solar projects in Vietnam, seeks to expand solar panel & transformer sales abroad, will bid 2 projects from authority worth Bt4.5b expects to win at least 10-15% of total.

AP to start transferring Bt7.9b “LIFE One Wireless” this month, after 100% sold out.

Comment: It will be interesting if this is the case, then perhaps investors 

GULF and PTT to sign Bt47.9b Mabtaphut phase 3 today, to COD in 2025.

SAMTEL signs Bt395m 1-year contract with AOT to provide Service and Maintenance of Common Use Terminal Equipment (CUTE) at Suvarnabhumi International airport.

Comment: And more and more IT projects continue to be awarded from the Government entities. 

SCB expects to pay Bt1.6 extra dividend from Bt11b disposal of SCBLIFE in 3Q, Tabloid.

Super Energy Group, a unit of SUPER, buys capital increase share of Super Wind Energy worth Bt4.999b to expand 500MW windfarm in Vietnam with 200-250MW to COD late 2020, confident of reaching 1,000MW this year and Bt6b revenue

Fuel Fund Admin Committee approves new fuel price structure for diesel category to promote use of biodiesel, B7 price will be Bt2/liter higher than B10 and Bt3 higher than B20, effective Oct1 (today) positive EA, GGC, BCP.

Comment: Markets think that PTG will benefit the most from this. 

TMB mulls to sell AM unit (TFUND) to partner TMB EastSpring, 1st phase 25% in 4Q, aims to reduce premium from TBANK acquisition.Comment: All the left over assets are going to be gobbled up. 

  1. I’ve been following the T-CAP restructuring, including the merger of the 2 banks.. If TMB sells the asset management arm to a related party (TMB EastSpring ) does it have to occur at FMV? I’m trying to assess the impact of the eventual sale on TMB’s NBV ? tks.

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