AMA reported 2016 profit growth of 13% to Bt143mn. It plans to add one ship and begin shipments of palm oil to China, South Korea, Japan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. It expects 2017 revenue to continue to grow. (Kao Hoon, 2 3/02/17)
AOT is confident that it will not have to pay Bt20bn to the Treasury Department since its contract says that only the profit sharing can be adjusted and does not include a rental based on ROA. It expects to conclude this issue within three months. The board agreed to a 10-year master plan for the improvement and development of six major airports with a total budget of Bt220bn. (Kao Hoon, 23/02/17)
Comment: It’s been a rather messy story in the past week on AOT, it does appear that the government is desperately trying to raise as much cash as possible
ATP30 reported 2016 revenue of Bt300.78mn, surging 85.89%. It plans to pay a share and cash dividend with total value of 94.79% of net profit, payment date on May 20. It plans to issue ATP30-W1 with a duration of not over two years to existing shareholders at a ratio of 4 old shares to 1 new warrant. It is confident that 2017 revenue will reach Bt350mn, growing at least 15%. (Thun Hoon, 23/02/17)
AU reported 2016 profit of Bt99mn, up 72% YoY thanks to success from expanding outlets and introduction of new menu items. It targets 2017 revenue growth of 30% and plans to open 6-7 new outlets in major provinces. (Thun Hoon, 23/02/17)
Comment: And now we’ll see how scalable this company really is
BM plans a JV with a Japanese party to build a factory in Myanmar. The deal is expected to wind up this year. It targets 2017 revenue growth of 20%. It expects B2B business to double growth due to more orders. (Thun Hoon, 23/02/17)
BSBM is negotiating with a party to expand business abroad. It expects 1Q17 to be good supported by booking jobs on hand of more than 20,000 tons and more orders from the south as it recovers of 15,000-20,000 tons per month. It targets 2017 revenue growth of 10-15%. (Thun Hoon, 23/02/17)

ERW reported 2016 net profit of Bt367mn, up 88%. It will pay a dividend of Bt0.06/share. It targets 2017 revenue from hotel business to grow 10% as it plans to open nine more hotels with 768 rooms. (Kao Hoon, 23/02/17)
Comment: Their hop inn business has continued to do well with occupancies now north of 70%
FSMART expects 1Q17 performance to continue to grow on the back of higher top-up value. It expects 2017 refills via top-up machines to reach Bt30bn. It plans to expand Boon-term machines to 120,000, which it expects will boost 2017 revenue growth to 20%. (Kao Hoon, 23/02/17)
GFPT reported 2016 net profit of Bt1.64mn, up 37.56%. It will pay a dividend of Bt0.3/share, XD on Mar 7. It plans to expand its broiler farms and sausage plants with an investment budget of Bt800-1,000mn/year. (Kao Hoon, 23/02/17)
Comment: No surprise with the #’s given the increase in chicken prices. 
GLOBAL reported 2016 net profit of Bt1.49mn, up 70%, brought by house brand products and sales from new stores. It announced a dividend share at a ratio 20:1 with a cash dividend of Bt0.165/share, XD on Mar 16. (Kao Hoon, 23/02/17)
GLOW’s board approved dividend on 2H16 performance of Bt4.292/share, XD on May 2. It announced 2016 net profit of Bt8.9bn, up 7.2% YoY. It expects the planned shutdown of GHECOOne to affect 1Q17 performance. (Kao Hoon, 23/02/17)
INTUCH plans to hold a roadshow in Hong Kong and Europe in late Feb to mid-Mar, which it expects will attract foreign investors. Management expects Thaicom 9 to get the orbital rights from the government in 2Q17. It expects 2017 revenue to be stable and guarantees a 100% dividend payout ratio. (Kao Hoon, 23/02 /17)
SCN targets 2017 revenue growth of 40% to be fostered by high demand for NGV. It is budgeting Bt1.4mn to open nine more gas stations to handle the high demand. Its board approved a dividend of Bt0.14/share based on 2016 net profit of Bt307mn (+37%). (Kao Hoon, 23/02/17)
SINGER expects 2017 performance to turn around with revenue growth of 30% brought by partnering with JMART and restructuring its business. Its 2016 net profit was Bt119.8mn, down 16.3% due to lower sales. Its board approved a dividend payment of Bt0.25/share, XD on Mar 6. (Thun Hoon, 23/02/17)
Comment: Then it would purely be a return to 2014/2015 #’s, but the stock has priced that this guidance in already
SF is budgeting Bt1bn to expand its community malls. It targets rental revenue to grow 3% from last year. It will pay a dividend of Bt0.20/share, XD on Mar 27. (Thun Hoon, 23/02/17)
SMPC is studying setting up plants with a party in Asia and Africa, to handle demand overseas. It has budgeted Bt400mn for this and expects a deal to be finalized this year. It targets 2017 revenue to grow 15-20% with 6.54mn gas cylinders produced. (Kao Hoon, 23/02/17)
TASCO expects to benefit from high demand both at home and abroad. It targets 2017 sales of 2.4mn tons, a record high. It plans to double its capacity from Bt1-1.2 mn tons/year. ( Thun Hoon, 23/02/17)
TMI expects 2017 revenue to continue to grow with a greater focus on innovative products. It is studying expanding its business and will provide details within 1Q17. It reported 2016 net profit growth of 658%. It will pay a dividend of Bt0.006/share, XD on Mar 3. (Kao Hoon, 23/02/17)
TWPC reported a record high for both sales and net profit, reflecting its leadership position. 2016 revenue was Bt6.16bn, up 12% YoY, with net profit of Bt669m, up 54% YoY. Behind this is implementing cost controls and improving production efficiency. (Thun Hoon, 23/02/17)
Comment: And from the merger of the two companies

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