AMA mulls to add 30-40 oil trucks from current 161 vehicles to fill logistic demand for petrol, biodiesel and vegetable oil and liquid prods.

Comment: Given that it has fallen so much I wonder if there is value here…

Transport Ministry has suggested AOT to halve its landing and parking charges at all airports under its management in a bid to attract more charter flights for the upcoming tourist high season, which is due to start in 3 months. The impact on this policy will cost 1% of AOT’s total revenue.

Comment: And AOT has been in the news that they may close the Chiang Rai and Hat Yai airports which I think is the stupidest idea…its a government organisation, its supposed to focus on providing services for the citizens of the country and not purely focus on its own bottom line…

BBL keeps 3-4% this year loan growth target, and 3% for next year, under assumption of a 2.5% GDP growth.

Comment: Continued poor #’s, and I’ll keep saying this the fact that BBL is the best big bank just demonstrates how badly the industry is doing…

COL launches franchise business, OfficeMate Plus+, target 4 outlets before end of year.

DELTA reports Bt618.4m -63% yoy; missed Bt840m consensus.

EGCO: Nordea Investment cut holding by 97% to 10,900 shares from 384,000, Bloomberg

PTT adds B10 biodiesel at retail stations, target 300 outlets by end of year, expects to be available at 1,850 branches nationwide by March 1,20.

ROJNA expected to report spectacular 3Q driven by gains from 19.4m shares holding in GULF and strong margin from 10 acres old inventory land sales in Ayudhaya, Tabloid.

Comment: There’s a lot of value in this co…but the question is just how will the board unlock it…

SCB in talk with PACE on Bt12b debt restructuring plans, 3 options available new partner, debt to equity, rehab, expects to finalize plans before Bt2.7b debt due on November 4.

Comment: And now the reported number is THB 12 bn….double check the facts…

SCC’s downgraded its 2019 revenue projection to drop 8% because of weaknesses in its petrochemical business.

Comment: Expected…have a read through their MDA to see what’s going on with the domestic cement industry, flat/declining ASPs (granted only -1%) 

Transport Ministry is confident THAI can adjust rehab plan within 3 months, while completing plan to procure new planes in 6 months.

Comment: Here’s a tip, have a look at the share price performance when THAI recapped the past 2x.

TAS32 new accounting standard will take effect next year, but grace period will be offered to 8 listed firms who have a combined total of Bt77b worth of perpetual bonds. BGRIM and TU have adjusted their terms.

  1. Rojna, for starters, cash out of the Gulf stake, it’s not strategic is it? Worth a quarter of the market cap at current Gulf market price. Surely they could reinvest and better the 70/1 returns that Gulf is trading at? I do agree, Rojna is one of my targets for accumulation but I would like to see it at just a slightly better valuation before entry.

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