CKP sees big jump after COD Xayaburi hydro dam y’sday, 1,200MW.

HMPRO sees strong demand for home improvement 4Q on seasonal, expects tailwind from govt cash handout and rebate scheme, will open 2 Megahome in 4Q, upbeat GPM aft revamped prod-mixed.

Comment: They are hoping that 4Q will be a seasonal high, if not its going to be -ve same store sales for HMPRO for the year

JKN sees 5-10% growth in rev from broadcasting biz next yr from 3-5% this yr, continues to expand broadcasting platform for JKN-CNBC, hoping to secure #1 in financial channel.

MONO teams up GRAMMY for joint contents production, expands mobile platform and digital outdoor media biz.

Comment: I suspect we will see far more of these, none of these listed players can stand on their own feet

NER expects meaningful turnaround 2H from recognition of rubber sheet orders from several clients, Apollo Tyre & Michelin to inspection plant in Nov, expects big jump next from completion of new plant, lifts output by 60% from current 287ktpa.

QTC appointed by Huawei Tech (TH) to be sole distributor of Huawei Solar Inverter in TH, will tap in solar rooftop, solar farm and solar floating biz.

RS in talk with 2-3 DTV ch to expand home shopping coverage, aims boost sales on seasonal, expects to reap benefits from partnership with BTS, WORK and Thairath TV in 4Q.

Comment: See comment re Mono & GRAMMY

SAMART will finalize plan to list C’dia air traffic ctrl subsidiary, SAV, on the exchange in Mar 20.

SAWAD’s expected to be added to MSCI to be announced on Nov 7 and effective close of Nov 26, expected $89m inflows, while 3Q result is expected to rise 25% yoy to Bt960m, mngt may up FY19 f/c, Tabloid.

SENA sees recovery transfer 4Q driven by residential ppty stimulus pkg for house below Bt3m/unit, t/g 3 new pj worth Bt10b before eoy, Bt12.5b o/s backlog to realize till FY22.

Comment: Their core business is focused on the low-mid income customers however all their recent new condo projects are priced far higher per unit

TU: Social Security Office sold 4.8776% of total o/s last Thur (Oct24), leaves 0.1359% post transaction, SEC filing.

Cabinet approves 45mw solar floating pj at Sirindhorn dam worth Bt2.26b, GUNKUL, BGRIM, GPSC, BCPG and SPCG passed technical requirement, open envelope auction px on Nov 7.

Comment: It’s big news but a small project at the end of the day.

  1. A big chunk of TUs earning is actually interest on convertible red lobster bonds at a ridiculous high interest rate. When the bonds mature they will probably have to take a bath selling red lobster back to the venture capital firm they overpaid in 2016.

    Taking a look at TUs books makes for scary reading.

    • Correct for the 3 month 2Q19 only period, 6 months it’s a 1/3 of profits….and yeah…only the non-core profits/extra gains are keeping TU profitable…

      • Samart is coming out and giving pretty rosy projections for Samtel, market not really responding to talk. In the absence of staff provisions and equipment write offs, expecting a very strong 3rd quarter core profit. 150m+?

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