AMA targets 20-25% full year revenue growth from Bt3.23b FY22 driven by improved demand for marine & land oil transports on recovery demand for fuels, target full year utilization rate exceed 85% vs 80% FY22, sets Bt340m capex to add 1 tanker from current 9 vessels.

Comment: It’s the margin risk…volume is typically there, and it’s linked to PTG, which I’ve always liked and thought that the management time has done a great job over the past decade.

AS: company name changed to Asphere Innovations, ticker remain unchanged effective May 11.

Comment: Hmmm…..well they benefited during Covid with the WFH and since then new shareholders have come in…..and so let’s see…

BA sees chartered flights demand from China accelerated, mulls resuming 3 routes (Samui-Chongqing, Samui-Chengdu, Samui-HK) adding more code share with airline partners, roll out campaigns to fill cabin.

Comment: It’s accelerated from 0.

DUSIT to soft opening its 1st Dusit D2 in BKK, Dusit D2 Sam Yan, on May 12, and then Asai Sathorn on May 15, and the 1st Asai brand in Japan with Asai Kyoto on June 1.

Comment: Slowly slowly and then suddenly, wondering if we’ll see a hockey stick in the share price of DUSIT one day and then people will go “oh yes I saw it coming all along”

ECL upbeat 2Q hire purchase outlook from healthy credit demand for van and bus on tourism boom, target full year loan book within Bt7-7.5b from Bt6.5b end of FY22.

HFT anticipates meaningful turnaround from lower exp after added 4.77mw solar rooftop, delivery of OEM tires orders from 3Q, growing new market

HMPRO reaffirms positive 2Q momentum from strong home appliances & cooling products sales during summer season, launched one-stop solar rooftop installation service fill demand from household, adding 10 more branches by end of year.

ITC: TU board approved additional investment from current 77.82% holding, will buy up to 30m shares under Bt750m budget via the exchange and become a holder with holding percentage not exceeding 78.82%, programme start from May 9 onward, SEC filing.

Comment: And what’s what led to the pump in the share price yesterday…I do like the overall big picture story of ITC.

GABLE: enterprise solutions and digital transformation services provider, G-Able, debuts IPO 175m shares at Bt6.39 apiece, Finansia Syrus leads.

Comment: A decent company, but they are not trailblazers, look at them similar to AIT or MSC, as in, a 5-10% p.a. revenue growth.

SISB: 2 new campus in Nonthaburi & Rayong on track to cod in Aug, target full year admission tops 3.7k students, eyes 30% full year revenue growth target.

Comment: And they keep going…now if parents are going to focus on sending their kids to private schools like this in Thailand, what impact does it have on consumption spending?

TTCL expects to sign a Bt2b EPC contract before end of 2Q, sees more to come in 2H on jump start investments post election, target Bt1.5b new project sign this year.

  1. Re Dusit
    Recently had a short overnight layover in Singapore & there are limited options near the airport
    Airport hotel rooms have no openable windows
    Stayed at Dusit Singapore near the airport, 10 mins by taxi
    Does have flights going quite close to the hotel
    Nice hotel, amazingly long outside swimming pool, awesome breakfast.
    Minimum room tariff is S $304 not including taxes and fees, which is not that much for Singapore now
    I think Dusit overall might do well down the track, as an upmarket hotel band

  2. peter satrapa-binder

    GABLE: Well, the first day was a little bit disappointing for a new stock but maybe it will get better tomorrow (i do remember another recent new stock – forgot its name, though which one it was – which also had a very sluggish first trading day but the second one was great).

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