AMANAH sees marginal impact from lockdown as majority of hire-purchase services are outside Bangkok & vicinity

EKH expects ATH profit 3Q from higher average Covid test at 200-300 cases/day, 400 IPD beds & 200 from field hospital fully occupied, tailwind from Sinopharm jab service & 1 hospitel, sees upside from arrival of Moderna alternative vaccine in 4Q.

Comment: The hope for this name is that as covid-related businesses decline, then the other businesses pick up specifically the IVF business

HMPRO reports Bt1.43b, +52% yoy, inline with Bt1.41b consensus.

Comment: And their GPM has improved by nearly 2%.

JTS, a unit of JAS, plans to install 500 bitcoin mining rigs in 3Q, and another 5,000 by early next year, with target to become largest bitcoin mining farm in SEA with 50,000 rigs by 2024.

Comment: Hahaha. Well ok. I remember discussing this with friends over 5 years ago. The cost of electricity in Thailand makes this rather uncompetitive.

KEX anticipates 3Q turnaround from improved courier express parcel traffic after third wave of Covid accelerated since June, holiday season in 4Q fuel momentum.

LPH target one M&A of non-listed hospital, sees solid 2Q momentum continues into 3Q, supported by 800-bed hospitels, firm on 20-25% revenue growth target this year.

Comment: A baby BDMS in the making? Doubt it

SCGP completed a deal to buy 70% stake in Duy Tan in Vietnam for Bt9,120m, contributing Bt900m p.a..

TU reports Bt5b cd, 7 year duration, paying 2.47% p.a. sold out.

Comment: Look at this, what’s money worth today with the ability to finance at such low rates?

  1. peter satrapa-binder

    @ LPH: surely no baby BDMS but they should do fairly well, methinks… especially if/when the bts on ladprao road will be completed – or if they come around to finally do an IPO for their lab company’s shares (i don’t remember the name, though)

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