AMATA maintains 200 acres industrial land sales in 4Q23F, keeps 680 acres FY target, Bt10.6bn backlog and highlight that it expects more FDI in Thailand and Vietnam to drive earnings next year.

Comment: Compared to WHA they’re still rubbish…but they’ll naturally benefit from the incoming FDI into Thailand.

AOT’s president urges Ministry of Finance and Excise Department to reconsider plan to scrap duty-free shops on inbound flights as government revenue will shrink on lower return from duty-free shops concession. N.B. The inbound duty free removal may be a combined intention along with luxury goods tax reduction in order to keep spending domestic.

Comment: Does anyone else see the power shifting away from the usual big players, i.e. King Power and CP shifting elsewhere? Or is this just a bargaining chip to get more $?

CPAXT: Department of Special Investigations will be approaching Lotus on Friday to ask for more information on illegally imported pork.

Comment: Thailand is taking the phrase Pork Barrel politics far too literally (Yes I’m repeating myself :p )

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