AMATA anticipates strong industrial land sales at 410 hectares Amata Smart & Eco City in Natuey, Luang Namtha province supported by improved accessibility via high-speed rail Laos-China, FDI relocation from unrest in Myanmar, 3,750 acres in Amata Chonburi & 960 acres in Amata Rayong able to accommodate FDI demand, target 400 acres land sales this year.

Comment: Really? They’re reaching for any news story possible, no targets/forecasts hit since…2017?

BCP & KSL trade XB today for subscription right of bioethanol producer IPO, BBGI.

Comment: Great for BCP, so-so for KSL

BRI’s Britania Rajapreuk-Nakorn-in (Bt700m project) records Bt225m in presales during 1st 2 days.

JMART established JayDee Group, drawing retailers, home appliance dealers into its ecosystem, mulls expand consumer credits & HP thru KBJ & SINGER, logistic via Kerry, opportunity to expand franchise of JMART stores.

Comment: Well this new JV Co….they are aiming for revenues of THB 3bn by ’24 and profits of THB 300 mn, with an IPO by then. Could it happen? Sure why not…they’ve hit every planned target over the past 3-4 years.

PACO signed OEM contract with Myanmar partner, Tanjong Group, to supply auto account.

SC sets 27 new launches worth Bt40b this year, target Bt22b revenue, sets Bt100b revenue in 2026.

SPRC reports 2nd oil spill incident, located in the same area as the last oil leak on Jan 26, estimated spill volume below 20 tons.

Comment: Amusing….looks like rayong is off the holiday list for a while.

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