AMATA sees industrial land sales momentum accelerates in 2H, renewable power, auto parts makers, food manufactures, chem, data center & logistic among top clients, expects more to come as EV parts suppliers hv to move along with EV producers to Asean.

Comment: Even this dog is going to benefit from the unexpected amount of FDI coming into the region after China continually cocking up their covid strategy.

CHEWA signed MOU with SAWAD’s distressed assets management unit, SWC AMC, enable it to acquire bulk purchase of NPA and refurbish to resales in 2nd hand mkt under, Chewa Renue brand.

Comment: Well that’s an interesting move for CHEWA, so they’ll buy their own defunct projects and refurbish them? I do wonder with all these new market entrants, what the impact will be on the smaller listed players i.e. CHAYO and friends.

COM7 keeps 20% FY revenue growth target, new launch of Apple products sales, business diversification from IT & gadgets to home appliance sales via Index Living Mall (ILM), tailwind from online sales & HP via U-Fund & True Loan to boost earnings.

Comment: People will keep buying iphones, they’ll sell their arm/mother/family members to join this brand.

KKP launches “dime” application for saving and investment, target 150K users with Bt150m transactions this year, eyes partners to boost users to 1m by 2025.

GUNKUL forms partnership with S.KR power transmission & electricity transmission co., Busan Jungkwan Energy (BJE), a subsidiary SK Battery to jointly expand Battery Energy Storage (BESS) and power management business in Thailand.

Comment: I put more faith into GUNKUL having a genuine battery storage business versus what EA has.

LH confirmed cod of new department store, Terminal 21 Rama 3, on October 20.

Comment: The Mall group has been quiet, CPN and LH are going to take the market.

MAKRO sets Bt22,700m – Bt24,000m capex this year to expand 7 Makro and 50 Lotus branches this year, mulls proposing major shareholder to sell share to boost freefloat from 13.53% to 15%.

Comment: They need capital, and the company has been talking about increasing the free float for a long time…

RP and SABUY in collab to install vending and top-up machines in 3 of the islands, Samui, Pha-Ngan and Pa-luay.

Comment: It’s interesting to watch this all unfold for SABUY. And I have no idea how this is all going to play out….

TOP sets Bt52-54 price range for its 192m share PO and 28m greenshoe, sub from September 9-16, with proceed for Indonesian chemical complex M&A and working cap.

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