Setting up REIT — AMATA’s board has given the green light for the company to set up a REIT worth Bt4.750bn. AMATA aims to inject 76 factories with a total leasable area of 136,434.52 sqm, along with 12 new factories with 24.144 sqm that is currently under construction. (Khao Hoon, 17/01/14)

Comment: Finally AMATA is doing this, they are in desperate need of actually having some recurring income 


Safe chicken — CPF confirms that its chickens are 100% safe from the bird flu pandemic and said to not believe Line messages. It is preparing to export to chicken to Japan soon and said that its farm production standard has already been approved by Japan. (Khao Hoon, 17/01/14)

Comment: CPF is interesting in the way that chicken prices have recovered, CPALL will soon be able to throw earnings back towards CPF (b/c of its holding) but this family keeps borrowing and borrowing.


CSL targets revenues for 2014 to grow by 5-6% from 2013. It will focus on ICT business this year and aims to open two new data service centers between Mar-Apr 2014 in hopes of providing a full computer service. It is confident that revenues for 2013 will be higher than 2012. (Khao Hoon, 17/01/14)


MONO partners up with a Chinese partner in setting up a joint venture business to provide content via phone, internet, printed media, movies, and Chinese songs. The registered capital for the new company is Bt264mn and MONO will take 42%. The company’s subsidiary, “MONO Broadcast” is prepared investment in the TV digital business. (Khao Hoon, 17/01/14)


TRIS Rating affirms the company and senior debenture ratings of TUF at “AA-”/ Stable. TRIS Rating has affirmed the company and senior debenture ratings of Thai Union Frozen Products PLC (TUF) at “AA-”. At the same time, TRIS Rating has assigned a rating of “AA-” to TUF’s proposed issue of up to Bt8.25bn in senior debentures. The ratings reflect TUF’s strong market position as one of the world’s leading tuna processors, the diversity of its products and markets, and the group’s well-known brands in Europe and the United States (US). (Thai PR, 17/1/14)

Comment: A strong company, but got hit badly with the shrimp issues during mid-2013

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