Passengers down in January. AOT reports that January 13 saw a drop in passengers at Suvarnabhumi to 133,000 or 12.6% from January 12, with the average for January 1-12 at 152,000. On January 14, passengers declined 15% from the average to 129,000.(Post Today, 16/01/14)

Comment: a 15% decline thankfully isn’t the end of the world, Thailand has been lucky that the number of visitors normally rebounds very quickly after each crisis 


Big C partners up for e-commerce site. Big C Supercenter Plc, the operator of Big C hypermarkets, is diversifying into e-commerce and is due to provide service within ASEAN in the coming weeks. The company has formed a partnership with Cdiscount, an e-commerce operator in France, and Casino Vietnam. It has spent Bt110mn on an e-commerce website to be launched in Thailand and Vietnam under the Cdiscount brand.(Bangkok Post, 16/01/14)

Comment: well it won’t have a strong impact on their numbers and they are essentially following Tesco on this 


PTT to list GPSCin mid-2014.It is not concerned about the political situation.The National Energy Policy Council has reduced the diesel payment rate to the Energy Fund Administration Institute.(Khao Hoon, 16/01/14)


PYLON has 8 new projects worth Bt119mn. 80% of this will be booked in 1Q14. It expects 2014 revenue of Bt1.2bn while its current backlog is Bt1bn.(Khao Hoon, 16/01/14)

Comment: Market cap of THB 1.5 bn and only a backlog of THB 1 bn, net profit margins in the past few years ranging between 4-11%, would you think this is cheap?


RML signed with PYLON on construction of foundationfor “The Loft Ekamai” project. Construction already started on Jan 5 and it expects to finish in around three months.(Khao Hoon, 16/01/14)

Comment: RML has been hurt with the rest of the property sector, we used to see the company has a good turnaround, however with revenues and earnings peaking with The River transfer we’d just rather stay away now. 


RS supports 8thchannel as digital free TV (SD).Management aims to invest Bt300mn and obtain revenue of Bt850mn with net profit in the first operating year. It confirms that it will not raise capital.(Khao Hoon, 16/01/14)


SIRI expects net profits for 2013 to exceed Bt1.7bnand may pay a dividend of Bt0.09/share. The company plans to launch 19 new projects in 2014. Current backlog is at Bt62bn.(Khao Hoon, 16/01/14)

Comment: Well just wait for the news of revenue and earnings ramping up again in ’15 or ’16, for now this story is finished. 


SPALI confirms 22-24 launches in 2014. Supali has confirmed its 2014 planned launches of 22-24 projects worth Bt30bn.(Khao Hoon, 16/01/14)

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