AMR sets Bt2b revenue target, supported by Bt2b backlog, and plan to expand motorbike’s battery changer kiosk to 1,000 by end of next year.

CHAYO reported Bt1.41b NPL & NPA acquired during 1H22, total distressed assets under management at Bt74.294b eo-1Q (Bt17.34b secured & Bt56.945b unsecured).

Comment: Now lets see which bank will partner with CHAYO now that the JMT and KBANK has gone ahead.

CPN invests Bt100m for 30% stake in JWD Store It!, which has 6 branches covering 13K sqm, to expand self-storage business.

Comment: That’s interesting. CPN has overtaken CP and Charoen as the cookie munsters, how has central achieved this? Simple, as a group they went into covid effectively debt-free.

DTAC’s largest shareholder, Telenor Group, insists it has no plans to leave Thailand and is optimistic the planned merger with TRUE will be completed in July.

Comment: They’ll be happy shareholders, it’s been the group’s strategy over the past decade to divest from being managers to becoming shareholders

EA’s subsidiary, EA Mobility Holding, to buy 23.63% stake of BYD via PP 990.8m shares at Bt7.062 apiece total Bt6.997b.

Comment: There’s a fair amount of 8uckkery going on here

GFPT revised up FY22 revenue growth target to 10-15% from 5-10% prior, expects positive chicken exports momentum carry thru FY23 from global supply shortage, strong selling px and weak THB boost earnings.

Comment: Been impressed (and wrong) by the thai food producers ability to make silly profits whilst the indonesian, m’asia, and vietnamese producers are all struggling.

ILINK wins power distribution projects (Nonsi Power station, Prachinburi province) from Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) total Bt314.8m, signing contract on July 25.

MUFG to pay Bt5.4b for more than 90% stake in Nomura Sec in TH, with payment to make via BAY, a unit of MUFG in TH.ion.

NWR – TWS consortium wins Bt3.08b ground improvement projects for 2nd midfield satellite (SAT-2) at SIA.

RSP firms on 10-15% revenue growth target, sets Bt30-50m capex to expand 20-25 branches both here and in Cambodia.

TPIPL: board approved disposal of 191.26m treasury shares (1% of paid-up) via the Exchange on July 22, will retire remaining outstanding shares within 14 days from cut off if unable to purge the balance.

  1. DTAC

    That is a silent message that if you don’t approve we will sell.

    Vows coming out like that is just like those CEOs flying in a telling staff that “we are committed to support and grow this operations, so there is no cause for concern”. Typically followed by a shut down.

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