ANAN to book rev from serviced apartment as recurring rev worth Bt300m from 2 newly finished pj, targeting Bt1,800m by 2022.

Comment: And then the annual CF of this developer becomes a bit more stable. The majority of the real estate developers are/have shifted to this model

ASK: Bualuang AM cut holding by 0.1562% to 9.8805% of total o/s, SEC filing.

AWC sets Bt26.229b capex for 12 pjs in 3 asset types to strengthen hotel and service port.

Comment: Yup just read their prospectus, use public capital and debt to buy the assets from the private family co

GLOBAL expts SSSG improve 1Q20, plans to add 7 home improvement stores this yr, eyes 10% sales growth t/g.

HPT sets 25-30% rev growth t/g this yr, supported by new product Petye Eco Absolute.

IVL may see EBITDA growth this yr at 20%, supported by Huntsman and easing trade war, Tabloid.

Comment: Not with the way spreads are looking atm

MCS upbeats FY20 earnings from 120k tons steel backlog pending to realize, t/g full yr NP >Bt600m, expects to secure additional steel module order from JPN on demand for high-rise pj.

Comment: I wouldn’t be surprised to see them report some bang out numbers this year. Just have a look at how the shareholders have changed over the past 3-4 years

NOBLE sets 6 new launch worth Bt23.2b this yr, to book Bt7.45b worth of Bt18.644b backlog this yr.

Comment: Hasn’t this prop co had issues selling its projects for the past few years? Plus they’ve paid out all their cash post shareholder changes.

SUPER to cod 50mw VN solar farm, lifted capacity to 236.72mw from 5 pj in VN, total capacity aft combined with 768.6mw local pj stands at 1,005.32mw.

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