ANAN says no impact from Bt60.77m investment in 225k KUB Coins as price plunged, got guarantee price buy back from Bitkub Blockchain Tech, Bangkokbiznews.

Comment: BItkub seems to have quite a few buyback guarantees out there, how are they going to finance this? A cap raise? Or is this what SCB found in their DD and explains why the deal has yet to be completed?

AOT opened additional 318 check-in counters at SIA to ease congestion, sees mtd average passenger above 70k/day, expects 100k average from October till end of year.

BA firms on plan to open 13 routes in 2H, expects full year flights >34k, target passenger revenue at Bt8.175b from Bt1.1b FY21, cabin factor at 73% vs 50% last year, codeshare & interline from Qatar, Emirates and Austrian airline to boost earning, will decom 7 aircrafts to 30 by end of year.

Comment: Well, BA is and has always been cheap on paper

BAM wrap up 3 deals to set up AMC JV with 3 banks, KBANK, KTB, and TTB, holding 50% in each JV, mulls 3 more with small and mid-sized banks.

Comment: Likely to take the secured npa’s, if this is the case, BAM would have to raise cap for each JV….also the banks may probably prefer to work with BAM, b/c they pay the highest rate in the market.

CPN is rolling out 37 hotel pjs in 27 provinces worth a combined Bt10b to be managed by Centara Hotels and Resorts, aiming to create 3,900 jobs nationwide.

Comment: FINALLY the family members between the plcs have figured out that working together is a good idea.

EPG sets Bt20b sale growth target in 5 years, from Bt13.5b expected this year, +12-15% yoy, supported by recently acquired 4 Way Suspension under Tough Dog brand in AU, mulls 2-3 more M&A.

THCOM in talk Starlink of Elon Musk to expand low earth orbit sat BB (LEO), Tabloid.

Comment: I’m talking with Elon Musk as well, on twitter, does that mean anything?

TKT anticipates meaningful turnaround from strong parts sales, wider margin from newly launched models, tailwind from EV incentive package, expects to get additional orders in 2H from 3 new models for Toyota.

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