AOT to pay full rental to Treasury Department, from 50% during covid, if govt declares an endemic from July 1.

Comment: Here is the dirty little secret. When the government finally declares its an endemic. Then all the discounts and delays in payments that companies had during COVID are gone.

BC’s indirect subsidiary, Bespoke Life Science, reported receipt of cultivation license of cannabis for med purposes, allows increase of 9,500 plants/cycle from 406 plants/cycle which provide additional 380 kg of dried cannabis flowers & 1.29 tons of dried cannabis leaves/one cultivation cycle.

Comment:  Arguably this means the entity has the entire value chain locked up. From the production to the retail. A hotel /cannabis play? Why not!?

BH anticipates international patients traffic jump 2H aft govt exempts entry visa for Saudi tourists for 30 days stay, expects wider margin from longer stay, higher OCC, special clinics & complex treatments.

CAZ sees positive 2Q momentum from recognition of EPC O&G projects for PTT and refinery upgrade projects in Rayong, eyes 3 projects worth Bt4.1b, at least 60% winning, results in 4Q.

Comment: Ohhhh I love oil. I love the o&g service providers more. Any one know this company?

HUMAN sets 30% net profit margin next year from 22% this year, after wrapping up 12 deals, in talks with 5 university, with contributions from recently acquired DaTaOn Indo.

Comment: I like the Indo acquisition. Succession is a still a big q mark for HUMAN.

NER in talk with a European client with potential to place a very large order, clearer by end of year, sees strong 2Q on revenue from new tire producer, while benefiting from high rubber price.

Comment: VERY Large. I mean.. C’mon…

OR and Boonrawd Brewery in Bt400m jv to set up ready to drink producer

PF in collab with HK Land launch luxury lakeside residence in Bangna worth Bt6.3b, expects Bt1.8-2b presales this year..

Comment: I’ve been saying that they should be bankrupt for years and yet I’m continuously proven wrong, with a partner such as HK Land one can be sure this project is going to be well funded.

TOG sees FY22 turnaround from recovery lens sales supported by reopen, increase outdoor activities, orders from trade fair, mulls expand new mkt in India, middle-east, Africa and China to diversify earnings, firms on 15% revenue growth target

Comment: Thai’s underestimate Indians market potential. They’ve spent the past 5-7 years only looking at China. Bigger population. Less political gaming. The western world invested far more in India than china for the past 5 year. Watch for the tourism numbers from India to Thailand explode.

TOP invests in green hydrogen via U.S. start-up, Versogen, seeks value diversification to net zero greenhouse gas emission fuel, alt feedstock for power gen.

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