ANAN reports sales from 4 newly launched projects topped Bt8.8b, lifts total above Bt24b full year target.

Comment: And still consistently beats all expectations…

BH signs agreement PRINC to operate Joint & Spine Centre of Prince Suvarnabhumi Hospital owned by PRINC.

Comment: PRINC finally making more moves in the industry, and BH needs the additional business revenues

CCET commits to having Thailand as production base, on track to spend Bt3b on 3 plants in Petchburi, boosting capacity by 120K sqm.

Comment: Until there is a industrial complex developed elsewhere in the region, you’ll still see existing players remain.

CPN sold 30% stake in Central Village projects to Mitusubishi Estate Asia (MEA).

Comment: That’s one way of derisking a holding, raising cash, and still maintaining control.

GPSC sees record high growth next year after acquiring GLOW, Bt35b bond to reduce cost of funds to 2.9%, contribution from Xayaburi, mulls investment in Energy Storage.

TACC upbeats 4Q revenue from strong contribution of All Café at 7-11 on holiday season, firms on 15% sales growth target, aims to expand B2B sales next year to balance revenue mixed.

THANI target 10% loan growth next year above Bt26b, target loanbook Bt54b-55b, NPL below 4%.

TTW sets 2-3% water sales growth next year, books higher revenue contribution from CKP, sets Bt300m capex.

Comment: Straightforward business here, just a question of the price one pays. I do wonder at what point will the government decide to run all these utilities that they’ve given out to private operators…

WHA reaffirms 70% revenue growth this year, firms on 1,600rai land sales target, bright next year on EEC expansion, sets Bt2b capex for powerplants and utility business.

Comment: I have doubts on this number being reached…its been touted for years and nothing has really materialised.

WHAUP cod 8.63mw waste powerplants, expects Bt80m contribution p.a., mull to increase stake in tap water business in Vietnam, sets Bt2b budget for M&A power business.

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