AOT to sell bidding envelop for Suvarnabhumi and Donmuang duty free pick up counters during Nov 28 – Dec 13, expecting to receive 3% of sales.

Comment: More and more $ coming into AOT

BCP expects 130K/bbl/day next year, sets Bt800m capex for 60 new gas station from current 1,200, including 2 in Myanmar, Bt8b capex for Euro 5 upgrades by 2024.

CPF-TFG-GFPT earnings momentum to carry on till 2Q20 driven by strong chicken & swine selling price on seasonal, CNY in January and exports sales ahead of Tokyo Olympic, Jul20.

GULF signed contract with contractor for Vietnam windfarm, 30MW 1st phase to COD next year and all 310MW by 2021.

Comment: So I’m reading papers that are forecasting THB 300 / share if GULF win more projects throughout the country/region….so why not just forecast GULF’s target price if they win every project in the world…

LPN expects to be main beneficial from Bt50k property down payment subsidies for homebuyers earning <Bt100k/month or Bt1.2m/year from November 27 till end of-March 20, buy back program 21.5m shares (1.46% of paid-up cap) kick-off December 4 till Jun3,22 to provide cushion.

Comment: Wait they recently announced that they are selling treasury shares back into the market, and now they are buying back shares again?

PIMO firms on 15% sales growth target from strong exports sales of air condition and industrial motors above 60k units/month, see wider margins as costs drop.

PTT: 6 candidates from companies under PTT umbrella qualified for the finalist of CEO selection, result out 1Q20.

SINGER anticipates solid 4Q from strong demand for consumer credits on spending season, target loan book topped Bt4b by end of year & Bt6b in FY20, firms on 15% revenue growth target this year.

Comment: Should they achieve their targets over the next 5 years, don’t be surprised to see this become a MTC/SAWAD performer

TASCO mulls to upgrade asphalt production capacity from current 1.2m tons p.a., target FY20 sales volume growth >2.2.m tons from healthy demand from Phil, Laos & Malaysia.

Comment: Margin game more than anything else, if oil prices go high – get out, if oil prices decline – get in. Simple

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