ANAN reported disposal of 5 services apartments for Bt2.54b, expects positive transfer momentum carry thru 2H from Bt28b ready to move inventory, additional Bt11.9b scheduled to transfer next year.

Comment: They still have their stake in DUSIT to dump who wants to go bid for it?

BKIH: BBL cuts holding by 0.2066% to 9.9939% on Jun 28.

EA assured creditors it’s sufficient cash flows to service all existing debt, generating Bt1b or $27m cash each month. A 25% fall in share price on Friday caused by a forced sell by foreign financial institution on his share, pledged as collateral, will hold a briefing on plan to drive future growth at 1:30pm today.

Comment: I watched it for 5 minutes and just went … whatever .. go to zero.. here’s the link..(5) LIVE: บริษัทพลังงานบริสุทธิ์ (EA) แถลงข่าวชี้แจงประเด็นข่าวลือต่างๆ และแผนธุรกิจครึ่งปีหลัง – YouTube. But fine fine on funnymentals, there is residual value in the wind and solar stuff…however in’s a POS that was pumping its own shares NEX etc etc.

ICHI reaffirms rec high profit in 2Q driven by strong beverage sales both tea & non-tea, high utilization rate above 100m bottles/month, margin is expected to exceed 26% from economy of scale, high proportion of traditional trade channel above 50%, not need to bear commission to e-commerce app for marketing campaign

Comment: If the company has to outsource production = lower margins on outsourced production = not economies of scale. Or has economics changed since I graduated 20+ years ago. Or is it because I’m not Thai that I don’t understand this logic?

HANA expects earnings accelerate in 2H from strong PCB orders, higher utilization rate at Lampoon plant as well as factory in China and the US, sees upcycle on consumer electronics due to need for upgrade, AI compatible hardware.

PROUD teams up AI powered design platform, Spacely AI, offering clients to render design using AI to revolutionize architectural visualization.

SIRI logged Bt25b residential sales for 1H24, Bt20b transfers, 20 pj sold out in 1H, will launch 13 pj (5 SDH, 8 condo) total Bt16b in 3Q.

Comment: It’s amusing that this name is still linked to the government when SC would be more accurate…

  1. peter satrapa-binder

    regarding EA: this ‘assurance’ from them looks very similar to the ‘assurance’ ITD issued shortly prior to admit their financial problems. so i’d say that this announcement is a ‘very red flag’ showing that something seems to be very wrong there.

    if companies start to issue statements denying problems i’d become very, very careful as an investor there.

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