ANAN’s a prime beneficiary of Govt’s prop stimulus, plans promo to liquidate Bt33b worth of stocks, Tabloid.

Comment: Well not really, as several of their projects are above THB 3 mn

IVL t/g recycling 750K tons of plastics by 2025, with Nakorn Prathom plant capable of recycling 1.65m of plastic bottles p.a.

Comment: Some have asked if this company is going to be hurt by the move away from plastics. I’m not sure that there is a genuine move away by consumers from plastics…

JAS TB : Former CEO Pete Bodharamik was fined another Bt157m by the SEC for share price manipulations in MONO TB (Bt42.2m) and JAS TB (Bt114.4m). Pete was fined Bt32.7m back in mid Sept for manipulating JTS TB and later resigned from the CEO on Sept 17, 2019. Pete remains a major shareholder of JAS with 56% stake.

Comment: Et voila the obvious is now confirmed

KTB to set more LLP in 4Q as outstanding NPA still high at Bt40b, hoping to sell part of that next yr.

Comment: JMT + CHAYO are going to make bank from these bank NPL sales

TMB/T1 trades last day today, will be suspended from tmr, exercise ratio is 1:1 @ Bt1.4.

THAI President said THAI is not at risk of shutting down and recent news reports about the airline’s situation were “misinterpreted”.

Comment: Well it would just be another capital raise by the firm, so our taxpayer money can continue to fund a corporation that is abused by government persons for free flights and potentially 30% of costs due to corruption. It’s a rather straightforward company to fix…

  1. When, they issued the TSR, TMB deliberately cut the exercise price to encourage people to exercise the warrant, now close to the exercise date, the market price has fallen to nearly 1 percent of the exercise price….would you bother mailing in the paper work and payment for it?

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