ANAN to adjust sales strategy by focusing more on existing stocks and expansion in China, sees Bt300-400m recurring income from serviced apartment, reaching Bt1.8b in 2021.

Comment: Questions are still around regarding the condo transfer market, hence why this name is still at 5x PE

JUBILE sees strong 2H19 on seasonal and new products to commemorate its 90th anniversary, sets Bt60-70m capex for 5-6 new branches, firms on 5-8% revenue growth.

LH plans 10 new projects worth Bt11.5b in 2H19, boosting pre-sales to Bt37b, to inject assets into REITs.

PTT raised 10-year investment budget by Bt33b to Bt104b, by focusing more on innovation and clean energy to become less dependent on petroleum.

RJH mulls building 120 beds new hospital, Bt500m budget, while renovating existing ones, sees strong 3Q on seasonal and firms on 10-15% growth this year.

S mulls expansion in Myanmar and Vietnam to develop mixed-use pjs including hotels, offices and residences to achieve its goal to be a “Global Holding Co”.

TKN mulls cutting this year sales growth target as new Chinese dealers may need more time to penetrate the market.

Comment: Well thats a normal occurrence, I can’t think of many Thai brands that have actually succeeded in Thailand in the past 1-2 decades

VGI in JV with Saha Lawson on retail business around 30 BTS skytrain stations, allowing shoppers payment thru Rabbit cards.

Comment: Even I’m enjoying using the rabbit card as a form of payment. I do find it ridiculous that Line is not managing it and gave away control to VGI

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