AOT said international airlines have regained more than 70% of the slots at Suvarnabumi airports, in anticipation of November 1 reopening, seeing sharp spike in travels in initial stage.

ASAP sets Bt2,000m capex to acquire new cars, seeing higher demand for rental vehicles as the country prepares for reopening from November 1.

Comment: I expect we’re going to see a lot of these news regarding fleet

BGC sees demand for glass bottles in 4Q to rise to 1Q21 level as the country prepares for reopening from November 1 and sales of alcohol drinks at restaurants from December 1.

CENTEL sees occupancy rate rise above 22% from reopening, 30-40% next year and >50% 4Q22.

Comment: They’ll need at least 35% to be EBITDA positive at the hotels.

COMAN sets up Coman Crypto co for crypto business activities, operations to start in 4Q.

Comment: Amusing times, I’m on the board so…

MTC may report strongest 3Q among Finco at Bt1,210m, less impact from lockdown and lowest exposure in Dark-red provinces where cures were the most restricted. Limited impact from banks’ transformation to compete, as it offers the lowest rates among peers, Tabloid.

Comment: There’s noise hitting this sector that the consumer protection groups want to have rates cut by -50%, hence the drops seen in SAWAD, NCAP and AMANAH recently

NDR said its JV with ETRAN to start delivering 20 E-bikes within this month, 60 more in November, firms on 1,000 delivery and 7 ETRAN Power station in Bangkok by end of year.

TISCO to release 3Q today, Bt1,573m consensus.

WHA may see higher than 820rai land sales target this year, seeing rising interests from China, as their policy to reduce usage of coal boosts relocations.

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