DOHOME reported SSSG MTD-Oct >30% yoy, above 20% Sept avg, online sales +300% yoy, expects positive momentum carry thru holiday season, opening 2 stores before end of year.

Comment: Now the question for firms like DOHOME is can it continue such a growth momentum from 2022 onwards?

KEX forms venture with livestocks co, Betagro, to expand thermal control logistics (Kerry Cool), full scale cod 2Q22, sees synergy from cold chain expertise & BTG’s meat shop clients nationwide.

Comment: As announced yesterday.

ITD-VCB (Vichitbhan Construction) consortium wins 5km Rama3- Dao Khanong outering road projects (contract 3) total Bt7.359b.

Comment: Black Panther roars back to continually winning projects

MAKRO shareholder meeting today is expected to approve acquisition of Tesco’s assets in Thailand and Malaysia, also plan to sell around 1,362m share PO in Nov-Dec to boost free float to 15%, making it eligible to SET50 inclusion.

Comment: Again, I’m just thinking of a DELTA part 2 here, plus the usual recovery/dominant market share etc etc etc

SABUY teams up Lazada to provide logistics services for online merchants via its ShipSmile courier, firms on 25% revenue growth target.

Comment: SABUY’s founder/management team impresses me with his thinking and execution. Question now is the usual, just pricing…

SONIC lifts FY21 revenue growth target to 80% yoy vs 60% previous guidance, thanks to strong revenue from vaccines transport & EX/IM traffic ahead of holiday season, will wrap up 1 M&A before end of year.

TKN sees meaningful turnaround 4Q, supported by strong snacks order from China on recovery consumption, wider margins from improved capacity utilizations, higher THB revenue yoy from weak currency

Comment: Looks like all that M&A talk regarding TKN is gone for a while. I doubt anything positive re China for them, unless the droves of tourists return in a short amount of time.

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