AOT: extend fees waivers for concessionaires & airlines operating at 6 international airports for additional 6 months from previous waivers.

ATP30: sells PP 65m shares (9.53% of total outstanding) at Bt0.99 apiece to Toyota Tsusho (TH).

Comment: Now that’s an interesting development.

BBL, SCB, KTB and BAY: FY20 due today, Bt21.23b, Bt26.72b, Bt16.34b, Bt24.96b consensus.

Comment: But the banks did already have their rally in 4Q, cheap valuations + fund flow > reported figures.

HUMAN: estimated subsidiary to branch out from human resource solutions to employee welfare management business, aiming value additions from existing client base, target 30% revenue growth this year.

KBANK: FY20 @ Bt 29.48b -24% yoy, beats Bt 22.36b consensus.
Comment: And now watch 2021 accounting wise starting to look sequentially better from 2Q onwards.

PTTOR: mulls to renew CPALL’s 7-11 operating contract in PTT stations before current contract expiring next 2 years.

Comment: I remember when this was in the news a fair bit some 7 years ago. Created a great buying opp in 7-11, as PTTOR continued it back then, would they extend again?

WGE: awards 2 construction contracts from Chonprathan Medical Center & AOT total Bt710m.

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