ASP said SET’s expected to adjust SET50/SET100 freefloat criteria, by switching to Free Float Adjusted Mkt Cap from Full Market Cap, positive to BBL, SCC, SCB, KBANK, BDMS, CPALL, INTUCH, PTT, CPN, TISCO; -VE to DELTA, AOT, MAKRO, GULF, BAY, GPSC, ADVANC, PTTEP, SCGP, AWC.

Comment: Well at least they are attempting to use their brains. Though once the new measurement/standard is out, get your excel sheets ready to see what short-term opps exist.

EA sets 20% revenue growth target for this year, boosted by EV business, as 1st phase of battery plant will be CODed in 1Q21.

Comment: Listening to a management call, it’s still a way to go before profitability, they wouldn’t disclose their projection for what size is required to make this business profitable.

MC launches new collection, McME – Save My Ass, targeting affluent female customers.

Comment: They are still able to maintain their margins and perhaps people are trending down in terms of brand choice throughout the country. MC is still considered a fashionable staple.

SIRI plans 24 projects worth Bt26b this year, sets Bt5-7b capex for landbank, Bt27b transfers, and Bt26b presales.

SPACK expects to report 7 years high profit upcoming announcement, thanks to strong packaging order for rubber gloves, food delivery and parcel service, sees positive momentum continue FY21.

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