AOT has budgeted Bt15bn to pay dividend of Bt1.05 per share, XD on Dec 13. The board gave the nod to another four-year term for the president of AOT, Nitinai Sirismatthakarn. (Thun Hoon, 3/12/18)
Comment: And so tourism has recovered…what quite turnaround in emotions for the tourism related names
AUCT expects revenue growth of more than 14% this year. It expects performance to grow next year, going by the rise in car loans. It plans to rebrand and introduce a mobile application for car auctions, hoping for customer growth of 50% through 2023. (Kao Hoon, 3/12/18)
BA targets revenue growth of 3% next year, driven by an increase in load factor to 70%. It plans to add three routes. It will receive four new aircraft. It will bid for the duty-free area in Suvarnabhumi airport which is expected to be held this month. It expects 4Q18 results to grow, supported by European tourists. As for the expansion of U-Tapao airport, there are many companies wanting to bid for the project. (Kao Hoon, 3/12/18)
Comment: I find their businesses related to the aircraft business more interesting than the planes themselves, regardless its fuel oil prices that are going to be driven their profits…
BJC expects the VAT refund measure to boost BIGC earnings. It expects earnings growth of 7-9% from its all businesses this year. SSS growth will be positive. Next year, it will continue to add new branches at home and abroad. It plans to issue debentures of Bt38bn, hoping to refinance its debt and reduce cost. (Kao Hoon, 3/12/18)
Comment: I doubt it will an impact
DOD will ask the board to ok the acquisition of a beauty product manufacturer, upgrading it into an integrated health and beauty product manufacturer. It expects results to be outstanding this year. (Kao Hoon, 3/12/18)
FVC targets revenue growth of 15% this year after it undertook a management restructure. (Kao Hoon, 3/12/18)
JKN is preparing to negotiate with the SET to operate the Money Channel, an economic and investment content channel, after the channel was closed. It will talk with CNBC about venture capital. Management believes that digital TV needs to have a channel that focuses on economic and investment content. It expects to gain profit if the SET approves. (Kao Hoon, 3/12/18)
Comment: There’s a lot going on here with this company, buying and selling content, creating content, and now managing channels.
KWG expects to develop 4,600 rai of land in Chachoengsao and Ayutthaya. It plans to spend Bt3bn in the first phase. It has opened S61 Sukhumvit By KWG worth Bt1.5bn for presales and expects it to be sold out next year. (Thun Hoon, 3/12/18)
Comment: If true, its a massive amount of land on the books of KWG.
SE targets revenue growth of more than 30% next year. Its current backlog of Bt100mn will be gradually booked as revenue through next year. It expects to receive new jobs next year. (Kao Hoon, 3/12/18)
TASCO expects asphalt sales volume to reach 1.8-1.9mn tons next year. This year it expects asphalt sales volume of 1.6mn tons. It has a fleet of 12 tankers for shipping crude oil. It expects high demand both at home and abroad. 4Q18 is its high season on government subsidy. It will ask the board to approve a budget of Bt800-1,200mn for production improvement and an increase in production capacity of 1mn tons. (Kao Hoon, 3/12/18)
Comment: One of the main beneficiaries from a decline in oil prices

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