BAY targets loan growth of 7% mainly corporate loans in Thailand and Japan. It expects revenue from fees to grow, offsetting lower NIM. It expects NPLs in 2016 of not over 2.5% and plans to sell Bt2-3bn in NPLs. It plans to issue a debenture worth no less than Bt10bn to bring Tier 2 capital to near 2%. (Thun Hoon, 03/03/16)
Comment: Could this bank join the ranks BBL, KTB, SCB, KBANK? I wouldn’t bet against it given the new shareholder
BSM reported net profit in 2015 of Bt14.62mn, up 10%, supported by increase in domestic and export sales. It will pay a dividend of Bt0.0033/share, XD on May 9 and payment on May 25. The board approved a capital increase and warrant issue. (Thun Hoon, 03/03/16)
CPF is budgeting Bt500mn to expand its swine farm. It targets revenue of Bt30bn in 2016. (Kao Hoon, 03/03/16)
CPN will start building Central i-City Malaysia worth more than Bt8.5bn. It expects to finish in 2018. (Kao Hoon, 03/03/16)
Comment: A regional shopping mall player in the making.
DEMCO expects earnings in 1Q16 continue to in the red after it lost opportunity to produce electricity. (Kao Hoon, 03/03/16)
Comment: No surprises here, more curious to see how 2Q16 plays out.
JAS stock price was up even if it does not get a 4G license. Investors view the abandoning of a license as positive, as it means it will not take on a debt load of Bt100bn and thus limits losses. JAS plans to deal with AIS and TOT to push “fixed broadband”. (Kao Hoon, 03/03/16)
Comment: Well. Ok.

JSP expects profit in 2016 continue to reach new highs. It plans to sell land to a customer. It targets revenue of Bt5.1bn in 2016 supported by backlog worth Bt6.1bn. (Kao Hoon, 03/03/16)
Comment: Their 4Q came out with a rather surprising loss hence the sharp decline in the stock price. I feel as if the company isn’t there yet to provide consistent earnings on a quarterly nor annual basis, expect for things to be lumpy.
KOOL plans to reduce risk by exchange cost management, marketing cost control and reduction in expenses. It has budgeted Bt30mn to expand its warehouse and logistics management. It expects revenue to grow 40% in 2016. (Thun Hoon, 03/03/16)
MILL turned around to profit of Bt756mn and total revenue of Bt13.7bn supported by a 58% jump in steel orders. It expects steel demand to grow and support company revenue and profit. (Kao Hoon, 03/03/16)
PYLON is bidding for new jobs in total worth Bt1bn. It expects to 20-25% to support revenue. It has backlog of Bt600mn and will realize 90% this year. (Thun Hoon, 03/03/16)
RATCH announced that Unit 3 of its power plant in Laos already COD and added 751.2MW to its capacity, bringing total capacity to 1,878MW. (Thun Hoon, 03/03/16)
SGP has budgeted Bt500mn to renovate its LPG filling factory to support more orders. It targets revenue of Bt60bn, mainly due to weak baht. (Thun Hoon, 03/03/16)
SUPER added three project CODs for a total of 17.85MW. It now has 30 projects running with total output of 214.30MW. It plans to invest Bt7.68mn in WRP and Equator. (Kao Hoon, 03/03/16)
Comment: The projects are actually happening!
TPCH expects the government to change the adder to FiT to support its biomass power plant. It plans to start up one project each quarter. It plans to invest in two biomass power plants; this will be concluded in 2Q16. It is confident that revenue in 2016 will grow 150%. (Kao Hoon, 03/03/16)
Comment: The issue for TPCH is that the government is slow regarding w/ the ERC yet to come out with any decisions in regards to the renewable energy sector. But yes earnings growth profile is rather amazing.
TRC targets 2016 revenue of more than Bt8bn supported by its backlog. It plans to sign three contract in 3Q16 to bring its backlog up to Bt40bn. (Kao Hoon, 03/03/16)
TU sets 2016 revenue target at US$4.5-5bn, growth of 15-20%. It has budgeted Bt3.5bn to improve machinery and to expand factories. It expects revenue in 2020 reach US$8bn supported by expanding to other markets. (Kao Hoon, 03/03/16)
  1. What would it take for AIS just to purchase JAS outright from Pete and use the synergies of the 2? The writing is on the wall for JAS, surely they can’t survive on broadband alone.

    • Why would AIS bother? Unless the price was right, but then again he sold a lot off to the JASIF. So…….I’m guessing if this were to ever materialise it would just boil down to price. But I don’t see the strategic benefit for AIS at this moment.

      • My thinking is If NBTC does sue JAS for damages for defaulting, perhaps AIS can come in and buy parts of the business for pennies on the dollar. I don’t think they can let JAS walk away from this with only a 5% bid bond penalty..

  2. On another note, how often is it that we see a share repurchase plan announced by a company but they don’t actually repurchase any shares during the buyback period?

  3. Meanwhile, DTAC lifts off….

    Holmes to Watson: “How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?”

    • Fundamentals are still garbage, outlook is even worse. DTAC is only rising in line with the SET, not because of any new catalyst for the share price to recover.

      Its pure and utter speculation at this point… but then again I did buy some for myself haha!

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