AOT mulls closing some of THAI’s international check-in counter and facilities in accordance with lower number of passenger aiming to curb costs.

Comment: Well that took them long enough…with the public announcement re the decline in travelers and no recovery til 2022 in their minds…will they allow King Power to renegotiate? Conspiracy theorists says yes.

BA, BTS, STEC signed Bt290b U-Tapao aviation hub projects, the largest PPP in APAC this year.

Comment: Yay to more power given to private groups! 

CENTEL, AWC, MINT, ACCOR, ONYX hotels to reopen from July 1, Thai hotel Associations.

Comment: Enjoy the rainy days in the tourists destinations. 

CK: KSAM cut holding by 0.2028% to 4.8288% of total outstanding on Thursday (Jun 18), SEC filing.

CPF expects windfall from persistent outbreak in Brazil, will ramp up chicken production to capitalize opportunity from surging demand from JPN & China.

Comment: It’s the pork prices in VN that are going to drive CPF for the next 3-6 months. And with the issues in the US and Brazil, chicken prices could soar…this is the type of inflation risk that I worry about. 

CPW sees 3Q turnaround from lower import costs from strong THB, longer operating hours aft curfew lifted, demand for tablet and pc from e-learning and newly launched 45th branch of iStudio at Siam Premium Outlet.

EPG ramps up food packaging production to fill demand from food delivery service, launches multi-purpose facemask to tap in health care segment to mitigate risk from weak auto parts market.

FPT board gave greenlight to associates to sell Bt3.879b worth of assets to FTREIT within February 28, 2021.

LH reaffirms Bt33.3b revenue target this year, Bt28b presales, plans 10 new horizontal projects worth Bt18.95b.

Comment: Rumours have it that the founder is looking to exit. Note how quiet he’s been since the temple scandal.

MINT’s shareholders approved Bt25b capital mobilization plan, including Bt10b RO, Bt10b bond, and Bt5b from exercise of MINT-W7.

Comment: It’s going to be interesting. I still think things resume faster than people expect. Right now no one can imagine a world where tourism is “normal” 

SC sees 45% growth in presales of horizontal projects 5M20 at Bt6b, plans another 7 projects worth Bt7b in 2H.

TACC seeks to branch out from All café, dispense drinks and character sales at 7-11 to food services and Coffee shop chains aiming to diversify risk and boost revenue from franchisee.

Unit holders of SHREIT expecting to vote to sell assets at deep discount Bt5.015.65/unit from Bt10 IPO and disband REIT, GIC, BBLAM, SCBAM, FWD Life, SCBAM among top holders, Tabloid.

Comment: Their website doesn’t even work. So what will the investors in the AM’s do about this? Accept a -50% on a REIT? I wouldn’t be surprised to see more REITs decline -20-30% on the back of dividend cuts.

THAI opens for voluntary pay cut program 10-50% of monthly salary from now till end of-Aug.

Comment: No employee should accept this. All previous management/board members should repay their salaries and kickbacks. All government entities should repay for the free flights they’ve taken over the years. Imagine this country didn’t have corruption….costs would be -20 to -40% across the board. 

THREL: BBLAM cut holding by 1% to 14.2154^% of total outstanding last Wednesday (Jun 17), SEC filing

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