The BOT decided to wake up and follow the ECB and BOE last Friday night by announcing that no banks are allowed to pay interim dividends. And yet they still say there are no rise in bad loans or NPLs. At what point will these institutions realise that we know they are full of h$it?

So this points to banks being weak for a while, however brokers note that in the UK banks recovered after a few days from the initial BOE announcement, do keep in mind though that was at the end of March 2020.

        • I find it amusing that governments whom apparently work for the populace are deciding upon the capital allocation of private entities. The world is rather odd at the moment.

          • peter satrapa-binder

            well, yes, but haven’t government entities done that all the time to some extent anyway, especially concerning rules for banks and financial institutions? of course, currently they do that to somewhat greater extent than usual..

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