AOT reported 6M22 (Jan-Jun) passenger traffic from 6 airports under management +170% yoy to 22.4m, +14.1m vs 8.3m travelers 6M21.

Comment: What demand slowdown? The rate of change is going to look amazing til the end of 2024.

BE8 sells PP 26.050m shares (11.52% of paid up) at Bt47.6/share to Keymaker Venture Capital, will use proceed to expand cyber security, infra solution & advisory service.

Comment: This is a share swap for they acquisition of Baycoms, now the question will be, how quickly will Keymaker dump their shares in BE8 to realise a return?

DOHOME to keep SSSG above 10%, keeps plan to open 2 more stores by end of year, to complete gradual price rise by end of year 3Q for normalized profit in 4Q.

Comment: How on earth are they able to do this? I’m just continually impressed…

LEO’s board approved treasury stock program, sets Bt65m budget for max 5m share or 1.56% of paid up, from Aug 30 to Feb 28, 2023.

Comment: Minimal impact, but sets a price for retail investors.

MTC keeps 30-35% loan growth target, sees NPLs to peak in 4Q, to strengthen lending process to better handle rising interest rates.

Comment: It’s up to management to decide how fast they want to grow, the market is there as I’ve said for years. NPLs is well….in my opinion, continually understated, as there are a fair amount of borrowers that are just rolling over their loans…

PSH plans 23 new projects in 2H worth Bt12.7b, keeps Bt33b revenue target, supported by Bt21.5b backlog, sets Bt500m for investment in startup.

TIPH: KTB cuts holding by 0.096% to 9.9999% of total outstanding on August 5.

Comment: I presume the best way to look at Dhipya is that its an SOE insurance play.

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