AS’s 2 major holders sell 73.72m shares (15.7% of total outstanding) and up to 33.83m units of AS-W2 to SABUY, expects synergy from digital ecosystem, blockchain and e-payment service while SABUY can access new clients from AS’s 100m mobile gamers account.

Comment: It’s very interesting watching SABUY work. I think this has been a great exit for the 2 AS shareholders.

EGCO CODs 514.3MW Nam Tuen hydro PP in Laos, with immediate rev in 3Q22.

FSMART upbeats 2H outlook aft raised holding in FORTH vending to 26.71% from 19.34% in 2Q, larger market coverage of Tao Bin robotic barista and improved traffic at top-up machines to boost earnings, will wrap up 1-2 banking agent contracts by end of year.

Comment: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I think the taobin story is nearly done. People are finally realising that maintaining such a machine with 70 different product offerings isn’t easy…and the telsa story, well, what happened there?

GLOBAL reaffirms higher 3Q earnings yoy supported by positive SSSG in key provinces, oversea branches in Laos & Cambodia, will open 3 home improvement stores by end of year.

MINT sees steady recovery momentum in 2H on rising tourist activities, sees return to profitability as hotels in Europe record 70% OCC, and 60% in TH, solid financial with Bt26b cash on hand.

Comment: So when will NH Hotel recap via an equity sale? That will help MINT tremendously.

TU anticipates wider margin in 3Q from lower tuna & salmon price, ease freight rate and packaging costs, positive momentum on food exports orders on F&B reopen & high season in 2H ensure earnings visibility.

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