AOT to propose plan to build 2nd terminal at Suvarnabhumi to Transport Min next week, citing urgent need as total passengers this yr is expected to reach 70m, vs 45m capacity.

Comment: Although when you walk around the airport you’ll see that they could simple man each desk at immigration and the security lines and things would flow far faster, but they don’t…I wonder why.

BEC appoints former LINE (TH) MD, Ariya Banomyong, to be director, aims to expand digital content & online platform.

HUMAN sees record high profit this yr, after securing 2-3 clients in SET50, mulls taking over 3 software cos and jv with 2 banks for on-line lending.

KBANK’s unit, Beacon Venture Capital, invests 18% in apartment biz mgt solution co., Horganice, to expand customer base & product offering.

JKN t/g becoming #1 content provider in APAC in 3-4 yrs, sets 20% rev growth t/g and Bt800m capex, migrates from MAI to SET next yr and mulls duo listing in Spore.

Comment: Despite all of the news coming out of JKN the share price continues to decline.

PRM will take delivery of 6 vessels this yr to expand chem transport capacity, lifts total to 36 ships, upbeats earnings from contribution from subsidiary, BIG SEA, to submit bidding for Laemchabang deep sea port phase 3 pj on Mar 29, t/g 10-15% rev growth this yr.

WHA to open new 2,000 rais IE in Chonburi, WHA ESIE 3, in April, sets 70% rev growth t/g from 4 different biz this yr.

Comment: Will the EEC dream come true this year?

  1. Whats going on with BEAUTY? I have 50000 shares and the December rev numbers for Beauty are astonishingly bad. Should I hang in there until this China trade deal has time to take hold? Seems like they get a lot of sales from Chinese buyers.
    By the way…you guys are AWESOME!! You are the only way I can get current info on my Thai stocks.

    • Not a recommendation as I haven’t done a valuation on them for a while, however thoughts are 1) Trade deal doesn’t directly impact BEAUTY 2) Yes a lot of purchases made at their stores in Thailand were/are chinese buyers. 3) The issue is the growth potential going forward for BEAUTY given its high base of sales in 2017.

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